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Long Lost: The Story of the Newspaper Column that Started the Reunion Industry

by Monica Porter

Monica Porter’s weekly Missing and Found column has been running in the Daily Mail since 1999, featuring the tales of people who are searching for their long lost friends, relatives, former workmates, schoolmates...and of course, countless wartime comrades and National Service buddies.

All of life is there - the light-hearted and the poignant, and often the strikingly evocative. Over the years the column - a forerunner to websites such as Friends Reunited and Forces Reunited - has re-connected many hundreds of people. Now it has been immortalised in a book, Long Lost. As well as reprising a selection of the column’s most colourful reunion tales, Long Lost tells the story behind the groundbreaking newspaper column and explains how it works 'behind the scenes'.

It also provides an overview of today's booming 'reunion industry', and a handy guide for tracing someone yourself.

Long Lost is her fourth book and it is published by Quartet Books.

Monica Porter has been a London-based journalist since the 1970s and her work has appeared in most quality Fleet Street newspapers, as well as numerous magazines.




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The video has been supplied to this website by Bryan Tab Hunter (ex Para) - Now look at this - Veterans Reunion at No1 Parachute Training School


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What D'Ya Do In The War Dad?

The story of an 'ordinary' D-Day Cockney soldier who somehow reached 'extraordinary' heights - like so many others, it is a story of laughter and tears, of triumph and tragedy.



A New Link

Ken Tipper is an author represented on this website by his article

'The Sinking of HMS Punjabi'

He lives in Florida and is an active member of Ocala-Marion County Veterans Memorial Park.
Do read his article A Pilgrimage
You can mail Ken who would be delighted to hear from any veterans in UK.





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Top 10 low pass flybys ever filmed

We all remember Tom Cruise in the Movie " TOP GUN" when he makes a low pass near the control tower and causes an officer to spill coffee down his shirt.

Well here are short clips of the ... and
of course for nostalgia, let's see that Top Gun low pass again.

Pay particular attention to the last shown low pass. It is number one. Watch the halo of water around the plane. It happened during a Blue Angels event over San Francisco several years ago. It was the pilot's last show with the team and he had nothing to lose.

Many of the boats in the bay lost windows to the sonic blast. Number 3 was pretty impressive too.

Turn up the sound and enjoy !

Now for something more traditional

British Armed Forces 2015

Rule Britannia - Tribute To The British Empire

"The Gurkhas" - Full Documentary



27th June 2015



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Here in Great Britain we enjoy peace, freedom and democracy paid for by the bravery and sacrifice of our Armed Services, their Families, Comrades, Loved Ones and Friends.
Let us remember today and every day those who have given their lives defending not just our freedom but also those nations who called-upon us in their hour-of-need.

John Walker. RDGA. Oxon.

(Picture by Stephanie Jenkins)



Regular Service Articles

3rd The King's Own Hussars
by Alan Crosskill
RAF & FaireyTest Pilot
by Lionel Peter Twiss DSO. DSC
RAF & Hawker Test Pilot
by Webmaster as tribute to Neville Duke
Durham Light Infantry
by Webmaster as tribute to Joseph aged 17.

Durham Light Infantry
by Ray Hoggart


by Yves Beaujuge
Parachute Regt.
By Tab Hunter
Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
by Keith Petvin-Scudamore
The Band of The Life Guards
by Mike Hopkins
7th Parachute Battalion
by Richard Todd OBE



Royal Navy
Images supplied by Chris Jennings
British Expeditionary Force
by Jack Cottle
by Yves Beaujuge

Royal Navy
by Ken Tipper
6th Airborne
by Jim Corbett


Rifle Brigade


by Eric A. Patience
Intelligence Corps
The Battle of Cassino
by John Oswald

6th Airborne
by Jim Corbett

Royal Navy
by Daphne John

Royal Navy
by Ronald W.V. Brewis

6th Airborne
by Denis Edwards

Royal Navy.
by Muriel C. Currie MBE.

Glider Regiment
by Jim Wallwork DFM.
6th Airborne
by Harry 'Nobby' Clark

Royal Navy
by Ken Tipper


Royal Navy
'The Sinking of HMS Punjabi'
by Ken Tipper
Royal Pioneer Corps
Remembering Cassino
by George Pringle

Royal Marines
by John Best
By Alfred Lockyer
15/19 Kings Royal Hussars
by Ged Walton



Royal Navy
by Leslie J. Sprigg
Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
by Peter Vile
Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
by Webmaster
Durham Light Infantry
by Webmaster
Pages updated June 21 2007
The Parachute Training School - 1954
by Bryan (Tab) Hunter

RAF Coningsby

Typhoon Country

National Service Articles

by Bill Daly


Fleet Air Arm
by Roy Hadfield
by Neville Webb
Ken Lamb


Royal Navy
John Stonehouse
Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
Memories of an exercise whilst in Osnabruk, Germany
by Reg Horn
Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
by Tony Hood
By Peter Smith
by Bill Wyman
Middx & East Surrey
KSLI & Para
by Les Wilks

Royal Air Force
by Bernard Parke

Parachute Regt.
by Bryan (Tab) Hunter

by Bill Hawksford
Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
by Keith Petvin-Scudamore
Royal Air Force
by Webmaster

Royal Signals
by Edgar Weekley
The Green Howards
by The Paul Daniels
"Gibraltar my role in its Defence"
J.Trevor Sidaway
by John Finnigan
by George Staples
Royal Artillery
by Ray Hoggart
by Douglas Laidlow

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UK Armed Forces Veterans Lapel Badge

All those who have served in HM Armed Forces.

The badge is available to all Merchant Navy Seafarers and fishermen who served in a vessel at a time when it was operated to facilitate military operations by HM Armed Forces at any time.

Lots more information and application


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'Help for Heroes'

Mayhem in the Med: A Chronicle of the Cyprus Emergency 1955-1960 (Paperback)
by Richard G.M.L. Stiles (Author)
2nd Edition.

£1 per copy sold donated to Help for Heroes
2010 has seen the sacrifice of British military personnel in Afghanistan reach, and subsequently exceed three hundred. 2010 also bears witness to the anniversary of the end another bloody conflict. During the Cyprus Emergency 1955-1960 over four hundred British military and civil police were killed and countless maimed as a result of terrorist activity.
Read this poignant, non sectarian account of the conflict by former Regular Army Officer, R G M L Stiles, and understand how Cyprus wrestled independence from Britain fifty years ago.


Converting Black and White Photographs to Colour
“The Perfect Gift” from £26

This website supports thecampaign for a Veterans National Defence Medal - proper recognition is well overdue for ALL men and women who have served their country in whatever circumstances.



Plea for information on East Yorkshire Regiment’s Fallen in Normandy Battles - by Carl Shilleto.

A MILITARY historian from York is appealing for photographs and information about men from the East Yorkshire Regiment who died on or around D-Day and are buried in Normandy.

Carl Shilleto’s own late grandfather was involved in the Normandy campaign of 1944.

Carl has been working as a battlefield guide for many years, and launched The Fallen Heroes of Normandy Project in 2009.



4 Battalion The Royal Green Jackets

I was a member of the above regiment, D Company based in Aylesbury approx 1969 to 1974,. I would like to catch up with some of my old friends.

Do contact: Peter John Egan ( former Rfn 24197704)


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