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Bert Statton - DCLI - SCLI - LI

23735886 - Bert Statton - RIP June 4th 2009

It is with extreme sadness that we have to report that ex Bugler Bert Statton DCLI/SCLI has answered the final bugle call.
Bert passed away on the evening of June 4th 2009. Service is to be held at St Andrews Parish Church, Stratton nr Bude, on Wed June 10th at 1430hrs.

Bert has been unwell for some time and his passing was foreshadowed, its coming however has hit his Bugler comrades greatly.

Bugler Bert Statton
Truly Soldiers, Soldier

Gib 1961

Reunion 2008

In a week in which thousands of our countrymen remember the sacrifice of those who went before us, a rather smaller but nevertheless equally saddened group of old comrades mourn the passing of one of their own.
Bugler (Bert) Statton, who joined the newly formed Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry in 1960 served with distinction throughout the world and was in every sense a soldiers, soldier.

As a Bugler, Bert was one of what many considered an elite group of men, men who under the stern leadership of Bugle Major’s Smith and Hill worked tirelessly to present a pristine and highly professional face of the Regiment to an international audience.
From the rarefied atmosphere of NATO Headquarters in Paris, to the Olympic Stadium in Berlin before a hundred thousand spectators, Bert along with his Bugle Platoon colleagues thrilled audiences with his precise military skills and Bugling prowess. With the rest of us he wore lines in the tarmac square at Osnabruck so much drill and Bugle practice did he undertakes before the Paris trip.
In those short periods when he wasn’t marching up and down or practicing his Bugling skill he served the Regiment well in the sport arena by his membership of The Battalion Tug-of-War Team, a team which sweep all before it in what was then known as BOAR.
Of course life in the Regiment was not all work, the social element of any soldiers life is extremely important as a bonding mechanism, and in that mechanism Bert was a significant gog wheel, he was always the one who however much “falling over water” he consumed remained sober, certainly sober enough to get the less capable among us back to barracks and for some inexplicable reason he always had twenty marks in his pocket to help out his less thrifty mates.
As with those young men of today serving their nation in hostile surroundings across the world Bert saw his fair share of the rigours of anti terrorism during the bloody conflict in Aden where Bert adopted the other face of the Regimental Bugler by switching to being a very effective infantryman.
Throughout those sometimes dark days on active service when we lost colleagues to the bomb or gunshot, Bert was always there to extend the arm of comfort in our hour of grief, for those caring actions we all thank him in our quite moments.
We of the military family know that Bert will have answered the final Bugle call with fortitude and strength, the characteristics which set him apart as a true “Soldiers, Soldier, we are comforted in our grief to know that the Bugle Platoon up there will be strengthened by his arrival.
Bert will be sadly missed by all who knew him, both in his military and civilian roles; his passing has left a great hole in the hearts of his Regimental colleagues and also in the hearts of his family to whom Bert’s Regimental family extend their deepest sympathy and condolences at this time of great sadness.

John Pover
June 6th 2009







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