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6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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David Rose - Som.LI - SCLI - 3 LI (RSM)

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Somerset Light Infantry

Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry


50 Years and Then


Wells 2009

50 Years and Then

by Bob Evered

I came across this long lost photograph (1) of Sjt Rose about a year ago and I had it printed on good quality photographic paper along with the others and sent them off to him, he called a few day later and was absolutely delighted.The Guard Room shown here is at Mercer Barracks Osnabruck the Duty Roster Board behind Sjt Rose's head shows the date 27th January 1960 and the Field Officer as Major COLLINS MC the time (on the partially obscured clock) as 23.05hrs or 01.05hrs he was obviously Battalion Orderly Sjt. I assume I was Guard Commander or why would I have the photograph? Incidentally David Rose was the youngest Sjt in the Light Infantry Brigade at that time!

Other photograph (2) Shows David Rose (still smart as paint) at the 50th Anniversary of the Amalgamation at Wells in 2009 and photograph (3) shows Bob Evered, Pete Slade and David Rose at the Portway Inn, Tidworth in 2008.
Photograph (4) Shows L/Cpls Terry Joll, Terrace Higginbottom, Pete Slade and Cpl Bob Evered in the back of an army truck outside the guardroom of Mercer Barracks, Osnbruck ready to depart to some long forgotten destination.

Finally photograph (5) shows Terry Joll along with me and Pete Slade also at Tidworth. I first met Terry in April 1958 later we were both corporals in Charlie Company DCLI and continuing on in the SCLI whilst serving in Osnabruck, West Germany. Sadly Terry died in October 2014. We did meet again some 50 years later at a reunion at Tidworth in March 2008 and again later at another do at Shrewsbury, lastly in Taunton at the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry (SCLI).

I for one will be left with many happy memories of Terry, not least his companionship one dark night when we were left stranded many miles from our lonely outpost in the Hartz Mountains and faced with a long walk home. We had gone off with Sjt Dave Evans and A.N. Other who had a private car somehow we had become parted.
Terry and I started walking back to our base which belonged to the regiment for a skiing base in the winter and a outward bound base in the summer, when not in use it was manned by a corporal and driver for security. I was lucky to enjoy one such spell here myself. Back to our long trek home, Dave Evans must have had a twinge of conscience as he came back looking for us in an Austin Champ and gave us a lift back.


Bob Evered, Pete Slade and David Rose at the Portway Inn, Tidworth in 2008.

Osnabruck, Terry Joll, Terry Higginbottom, Peter Slade, Bob Everard,

Terry Joll, Bob Evered and Pete Slade at the Portway Inn, Tidworth in 2008.




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