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6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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"Duke" Godfrey


23227423 CPL HENRY GODFREY nickname DUKE.

Onetime Corporal of C Coy, remembered by Peter Slade and Terry Joll as great friend, what happened to him they say. Well now we know, he lives in Victoria Australia, here is his story.

I was messing about on the internet, thought I would see if I could find out anything about the regiment and was shocked to find out so much and see so many faces and places. Peter Slade and many others were seen so I sent Keith my pictures and hope you all enjoy them.

1954-56 boy service Plymouth 56 Joined regiment SomLI.
Suez crisis, Malta-Cyprus 57, Warminster 58, Taunton training Depot. K.O.Y.L.I Depot 59, Posted Regt SomLI. -SCLI. Osnabruck 61, Shrewbury Training Depot 62 Left the services.

Left England for Australia in 1970 to live in Victoria a place called Hastings. Married with 4 daughters and 12 grandchildren.


In 1959 when on one of Mad Mac C Coy training schemes, up in northern parts of Germany. I was busy like must of the lads digging a W tench and making sure it was camoflage,when I had a call "Duke" report to Coy H/Q, Mad Mac wants you. Thought what have I done now, I reported in, CSM Gray shouts at me "Wear all your gear, you are to report to Munster asap they are waiting for you. They want your blood" with a smile on his face. So I rush back pick up my gear, no time to tell the lads what was happening.

All my gear was mud stained I have not had wash for a few days so I was a bit under the nose. Back to H/Q there was two MP's, I was thrown into the Landrover and taken to a makeshift airfield. There was a plane warming up, you guess it that was for me. Flew straight to Munster, then taken to the hospital. Told to strip to the waist get on the trolley, then they wheeled me into a white room, where I was imformed that a lady needed my blood to save her life. They took a pint and half and moved me to recover, nice cup of tea and biscuits. About two to three hours later was told to rejoin my regiment, but when I told the doctor my situation, wait I will be back. Next I am in a truck heading back to camp in Osnabruck thinking beauty me own bed big relax await the return of the comany in two days. WRONG Reported to the guard room told to wash up have some food, report back. Next morning buckets of white liquid a paint brush told to paint any thing that does not move.

When the company returned all full of them selves,and the lads found me lying on the bed cover in paint sore hands very sore back could hardly move I was the joke of the day.

I never found out who the lady was !!


Click on any image to enlarge and open in new window.

My grateful thanks to Terry Joll (the memory man) for help with the captions.

A1 - Pete Slade complete with beret, Cpl Ken Hunt at the back.


A2 - Bristol Boys.Evening Post Leaving for Germany.
Jones,Chris,Gordon Howard, and Duke.
A3 - Haltern .'59.7 platoon "C" Coy.
b/left Mick Brock,behind Eillot,b/right Richy.Duke.Ross.
A4 - Trying to keep warm. Duke.Gordon. Edwards and Higginbottom
sat in a box.


A5 - Nite out. Andy Goudall, Eric Schueler, Ken Lemmon and Duke.
A6 - Outside Block, Andy Goudall ,Fred Weston , Duke Godfrey.

A7 - Mike Goudall, Fred Weston, Duke Godfrey
Mike and Andy were brothers
from london.
A8 - Border Patrol.
A9 - 7 PL 3rd section.
A10 - West German Border Gruards.
A11 - Border went from the Baltic to Cschechoslovakei that
divide West and East germany.By ploughing a strip of
land approx 50 mtres wide,this is a village that was
cut in two.
A12 - East Germany Observation post.
A13 - Having a break Border just over rise.
A14 - Plough strip just behind,3rd section.
A15 - Weapon Training.t/left Jewell.Ross, Frank Ayres, Roy Collins, and Thomas.
A16 - Nickname "Spud" Murphy L/cpl NS, played Rugby
for the regiment with Pete, come from Bristol.
A17 - Ken Lemmon.Cpl. Ted Harding and Duke planning a trip to Holland.
A18 - Saltau."60 "C" Coy sing along.
LtoR, Duke, Humpage, Cpl White, Spud,Terry Joll, Tony Pascoe, Les Collett, Ken Hunt, .Pete Slade and
Fred Weston..
A19 - In Full Swing.Terry Joll, .Pete Slade. Tony Pascoe and Fred Weston.
A20 - Harz Mountains."60"
7pl Refresher after long hike.
Fred Weston, Day, Ovendon, Sgt. Roy Bradley, Ross, Spud, Richards,
Front row - .Paddy Mahon, Joe Hodges
A21 - Ski Hut. Sgt Roy Bradley and Duke.
A22 - Veiw of camp site from ski slope.
A23 - Preparing and organising meal.
A24 - My Helper Joe Hodges
A25 - View of the mountains.
A26 - Roll call.
A27 - Claustal Zellereld Harz Mountains - Just finished a hike outside cake shop.
A28 - CPL's Mess Hat Party. Ted Harding on far left, Joe Role, Smith, Duke and Cleaves. Dickie Bird, Al Crenol in right foreground.
A29 - Last to Leave. Ted Harding far left, ? , Duke, Clobber Cleaves, Smudge Smith PTI.
A30 - Snow Time. outside block.
A31 - Hi there
A32 - Fred Weston,Ken Lemmon, John Berry and Mike Goudall.
A33 - Bristol Boy's.


Copyright: Henry Godfrey

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