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The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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This is the most recent photo of me taken at the County Bowls Championship, I was runner up 2005 Singles.

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Philip Edyvean



23945577 Pte Edyvean P J

I enlisted in December 1962 and did my basic training at Pontefract, we took part in the final passing out parade at Pontefract Depot and then transferred to Shrewsbury to complete our training.

We did not join the regiment in Gibraltar but instead went to Berlin, Brian Eliot was the officer in charge at that time and were were attached to C Coy. 1st Welch Regiment. After a short time with the rifle company a few of us were fortunate to move to various depertments prior to the arrival of our own regiment, along with a group of others I joined the MT section. On the early pictures you will see the Welch Regiment transfers on some of the vehicles.

When we returned to Gravesend, John Owen and I were posted to Shrewsbury as drivers, we returned to the regiment prior to the Aden tour, where I was attached to C Coy as a full time driver, an interesting experience.

On our return to UK, I spent time in the Tech stores and left the army in 1967 as my Father had developed a serious illness and my help was required at home. It certainly took me some time to adapt to civilian life.


The SCLI who took part in the final parade at Pontefract.

Corunna Platoon

Pte Ingram
Shepton Mallet
Pte Hocking
Pte Timson
Pte Chenery
Pte Haigh
Pte Sheehan
St Austell
Pte Byers

Gibraltar Platoon

Pte Hains
Pte Denmeade
Pte Conlin
Pte Edyvean
St Columb Major
Pte Sullivan



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First six images are when we were in Berlin but attached to 1st Welch Regiment.

Gibraltar Platoon at LI Depot.
Back Row - Pte Tweddel DLI - Pte Denmeade SCLI - Pte Conlin SCLI - Pte Edyvean SCLI Pte Sullivan SCLI - Pte Wake DLI - Pte Hains SCLI
Front Row: - Pte Phipps KSLI - Cpl Sweatman - Sgt Pascoe - Lt. Saunt - Cpl Vague KSLI - Pte Ellis KSLI.


Pte Sullivan on driving course, note insignia of Welch Regt. on vehicle
Pte Edyvean leaning on truck, soldier behind in truck ?? but Pte Holdsworth in background.
Standing - Pte Draper & Pte Coglan, Pte Sullivan in back of truck doing his Elvis act.
Pte Rogers - taken when we were attached to Welch Regt.
Pte Rogers, C Coy SCLI attached to Welch Regt.

Pte Williams and Wallace.
Lt. Col. Howard leaving Brooke Barracks
L to R - George Williams, Bill Coglan, Cyril Butler.
The Band forming up.
L to R - Graham Holdsworth, far right Derek Brister, others not sure of.
L to R - Derek Brister, Phil Potter outside MT Garage Brooke Barracks Berlin
Bill Coglan - MT Section
L to R - Holmes, Brister, Butler, Edyvean.
Feeding at Soltau
.Card school at Soltau.
Trying to dry out at Soltau
Trying to dry out at Soltau
SCLI on Exercise Spandau
Pte George Williams the MT Scouse Comedian
SCLI on Exercise Spandau
L to R - George Williams, John Rowley, soldier in leather jacket could be Spencer.

Aden Pictures

On route to Aden
Possibly checkpoint Juliet - who are they?
Caption required. Who are they ?
C Coy Drivers Tent Aden, could be Pte Atlas
Possibly checkpoint Juliet on the coast
Pte's Atlas & Nichols - C Company drivers
C Company lines
Possibly checkpoint Juliet on the coast -
LCpl Ames C Coy
Ready to go on patrol
C Coy HQ Radfan Camp Aden
Repairing the holes in the fence line.
Protroling Sheikh Othman during sand storm
Patrol ready to go - Driver believed to be Ken Lobb
Vehicle checkpoint Golf - Sheikh Othman
Sheikh Othman Checkpoint Golf
The usual scroungers that congregate
Prisoners in a compound during a search with 1st Cameronians
Part of the Operation Sheikh Othman


Copyright: Philip Edyvean

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