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The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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SCLI Insignia and Medals


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SCLI Insignia and Medals
What's New in the Insignia and Medals Section

[23 April 2006] SCLI Shoulder Flash and Badges Added.


A Bugle Horn stringed, ensigned with a Mural Crown, all in Silver. Between the strings of the bugle horn a Red patch.

The Bugle Horn commemorates the granting of Light Infantry status to the 13th Foot in 1822 and to the 32nd Foot in 1848. The Mural Crown was granted to the 13th Light Infantry in 1842. The Red Patch commemorates the "Red Feathers" of the 46th Foot.

Facing Colour: Royal Blue Regimental Colours: Light Infantry Green, Royal Blue and Red.

SCLI Insignia

SCLI Shoulder Flash

SCLI - Cap Badge

SCLI - Cap Badge

SCLI - Collar Dog (R)

SCLI - Collar Dog (L)

SCLI - Collar Dog (R)

SCLI - Collar Dog (L)

SCLI Button Small

SCLI - Collar Dog Dulled

SCLI - Collar Dog Dulled

SCLI Button Small

SCLI Button Large

SCLI Button Large

SCLI Shoulder

SCLI Shoulder Badge (1966-68)

Shoulder SCLI Shoulder
Note: Left & Right as Wearer

SCLI Formation Patches

SCLI - Germany 12th Infantry Brigade

SCLI - Gibraltar - British Troops Gibraltar Garrison

SCLI in Berlin - British Troops Berlin Garrison

SCLI in Gravesend - NATO Strategic Reserve/Allied Mobile Force

SCLI in Aden - Aden Brigade

SCLI in Tobruk - Middle East Land Forces

Other Nato Formation Patches

Multi-National Division (Central) NATO

NATO HQ - Allied Air Forces Central Europe

Allied Forces/NATO South East Asia/ Far East Land Forces

Trade Badges - (worn on No 2 Dress up to 1984)
Physical Training Instructor
Light-Gun Marksman

British Army LIGHT INFANTRY WARRANT OFFICER , CLASS I  insignia These are DPM CAMOUFLAGE(WOODLAND) with the rank  on an oval background of yellow.
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British Army LIGHT INFANTRY  CORPORAL These are DPM OLIVE DRAB 'COMBAT' WITH  with the rank  on an oval background of yellow.
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Medals - Campaign Medal - 24020187 Pte Nottingham T J

The obverse of this medal bears the crowned head of Queen Elizabeth II and the inscription 'ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA F.D.'. The reverse has the words 'FOR CAMPAIGN SERVICE' surmounted by a crown and contained within an encircling wreath. The swivelling suspender is the rather ornate type used by the previous Army and Air Force General Service Medal which is attached by a floral mount riveted to the medal.


Ribbon: The ribbon is the standard 1.25" in width being of dark violet with dark green borders.

Naming: Naming is usually found in small impressed serif capital letters typical of modern issue awards.

This medal was introduced in 1962 to replace both the Army and RAF General Service Medal and Naval General Service Medal. It is still often referred to as the 'General Service Medal' despite its actual change in name which was felt gave a better description of what it was awarded for. The clasp 'SOUTH VIETNAM' was awarded to Australian and New Zealand troops only for part of their involvement in the Vietnam War. This medal is probably the most common of all campaign medals struck during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II with 'NORTHERN IRELAND' being the most common clasp.

The last four clasps of 'GULF', 'KUWAIT', 'N.IRAQ & S.TURKEY' and 'AIR OPERATIONS IRAQ' concern operations in the post-Gulf War period and are somewhat sought after by collectors and so command higher prices. However medals found with the clasps LEBANON' and 'MINE CLEARANCE' are scarce and have the highest prices for a CSM.

The CSM is now only awarded with the clasps 'NORTHERN IRELAND' and 'AIR OPERATIONS IRAQ'. Other minor campaigns (for which a separate medal is not struck) from 1st January 2000 are now recognised by the new 'Operational Service Medal'. No doubt once awards of these 2 clasps cease the CSM will be completely superseded by the OSM.

Campaign Medal (obverse) showing service in Northern Ireland and South Arabia (Aden)
Campaign Medal showing recipients name on the rim.
Campaign Medal Reverse



A Light Infantry Captain's Number one dress Uniform with cross belt. This officer served with the Somerset Light Infantry prior to amalgamation. Silver plated strung bugal buttons, white metal collar badges, made by Conway Williams 1954. Rifle green. Complete with removable cloth belt. trousers with rifle green stripe.. A Light infantry plastic cross belt. Silver plated lion's head boss, chains, whistle, and badge, pouch to rear with bugal device.

(Please note that the images of uniforms you see below have been copied from items for sale on EBay, we cannot vouch for their authenticity)

Misc Badges

SCLI Bullion Badge


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