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Tui Lepai



23887424 Pte Lepai T

I have found Lepai, I am in touch with one of his daughters, she writes:

Hello Keith

Thank you for your email, and thanks very much for the photos too! I spoke to my dad yesterday and said you had been in touch, and he was really pleased. Unfortunately they don't have access to the Internet, as they only have a satellite mobile phone - but please feel free to use this email address as a contact and I'll pass any messages on. I've attached a couple of recent photos - he looks a little older than in those that you sent! - I haven't actually seen many photos of my Dad with hair! I've attached one old one that he has, but it's in pretty poor condition.

In terms of the SAS - I know some of the Fijian boys did join, I think Dad thought about it, but didn't want to commit. I'll ask him to remind me - but I'm sure that's right.

I will have to go up in the loft and see if I can dig out any old pics from the army days - leave it with me!

Best wishes


Terry Joll writes:

Yes, I clearly remember Lepei. He was the quieter of the four who all arrived in Gibraltar on the HMT Oxfordshire. I was on dockside to meet them and had to Call the Roll.
Lepei. Tabuavaka, Quoquovadra, and Vosebeki. He was the wild one. Tabu went on to complete full 22 years service.
The others I know not. Good of you to locate him in Fiji

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Aaron and Lepai - November 2005


Tui Lepai's House
MC and Tui Lepai


Tui Junior and Lepai
Shirley Lepai
Outside our house with our dogs
Tui Lepai playing snooker
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Qovudrara - Dad said the last he heard he was still in England, living in Kent
Vosabechi - He is Dad's cousin and lives not far from him in Fiji - he is well
Morafono - Dad said he joined the SAS and rose to be their RSM, and the last he heard he was living in Hereford
Kunandomo - he went back Fiji but was sadly murdered.
Tekuleka - he is back in Fiji


Copyright: Tui Lepai

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