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The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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SCLI Memories & Galleries

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23786555 John Rea - Battalion Photographer


Jack Birch

14585595 John Henry (Jack) Birch


50 year and Then - by Bob Evered

MIKE CANNING - Osnabruck and Gibraltar

Private to RSM - Ron Delap

Rex Brain


Don Chapman

My Service Life and Gallery

Gerry Blackwell

My Service Life and Gallery

Frankie Wong

Memories of LI Youth Camp 1976 - Hong Kong

Mike Sawyer

The Mike Sawyer Gallery

Vic Vaughan.

Vic Vaughan Return to Berlin Gallery

Harold Royffe

Harold Royffe MBE

Syd Cooper

Syd Cooper Gallery

Den Mac MacCarthy

Dennis McCarthy Gallery

Anthony GJ Moore

AGJ Moore Gallery

Nigel Dear Gallery

Nigel Dear Gallery

Nelson Bassett

Nelson Bassett Gallery

George Walker

George Walker Gallery

Tyrell Francis

DCLI + SCLI Memories and beyond

Dick Wignall

The Dick Wignall Gallery

Vic Higgins

The Vic Higgins Gallery

Ray Grimson

The Ray Grimson Gallery

Tui Lepai

News of me and my life

John Martyn

The John Martyn Tobruk Gallery & Jan Squad Bodmin Group Picture.

Don "Mac" McFarlane

23707994 Don (Mac) McFarlane

Bob Evered

Some Memories of the DCLI & SCLI January 1958 until April 1965. (1st Article)

More Barrack Room Memories. (2nd Article)

The Bob Evered Gallery

Peter Dallard

Return to Berlin with Barry & Steve

Stephen Taylor

Private to QM

General Sir Jack Deverell KCB OBE

New Officer joins the Battalion - Jack Deverell

Terry Bartlett

Terry Bartlett Gallery

Roger Chillcott

Roger Chillcott Gallery

Ray Bennett

Ray Bennett Gallery

Robin Leigh - REME

SCLI - Oh what Joy

Philip Edyvean

Philip Edyvean Gallery

Anthony (Tony) Hussey

Anthony Hussey Gallery

Ron Wingrove

Ron Wingrove Gallery

Roy Rumble

Roy RumbleGallery

Roy Coombes

Roy Coombes Gallery

Henry "Duke" Godfrey

Duke Godfrey Gallery

Geoffrey Edwards RIP

Geoffrey Edwards Gallery - (Norma Cooke)

Alastair Fyfe

The Office of High Sheriff

Charles Feather RIP

Charles Feather Gallery - (Martyn Feather)

Peter Slade

Peter Slade Gallery

SCLI Reunions

2005 ------ 2006 ----2007 --2008 --- 2009 --- 2010

Mike & Dave Pruett

SCLI in Colour

Ian Hill

New Gallery of Images

By Webmaster

Sounding Retreat at Wells September 17th 2006

Ray Hall

New Gallery of Images

Ray Draper - SCLI

New Gallery of Images

Michael Rescorle - SCLI - This page is being updated

A YEAR WITH 1 SCLI JULY 1967 - JULY 1968 - SCLI - Never Heard of it!

Lawrie Hodges - SCLI

The Unfortunate's

Banks for the Memory

Dave Pruett - SCLI

The Missing Bayonet

Dave Pruett- SCLI

Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of George's Galleon

Lawrie Hodges - SCLI

A Day in the Life of a Provost Staff Policeman.

John Pover - SCLI

How to avoid a International Incident
‘The Confessions of a Careless Corporal’

Angus McKay - SCLI - CQMS Chief Clerk

How not to travel between Berlin and West Germany!

Terry Joll - SCLI


Bob Bogan BEM MSM

Bogan's Heroes and a whole lot more.

Nicholas Richardson - SCLI


Peter J Bush OBE - OC B Company in Osnabruck, later to rise to Major General - RIP

Second Lieutenant to Major General

A.V. Worster. - by Ex RSM SCLI, later commissioned Captain QM.

The Tale of the Disaster of the Sea-Water Cocktails

Jeremy G. French - DCLI - SCLI

Once a Light Infantryman - Always a Light Infantryman, there is no finer thing to be.

Tony Nobby Clark - SCLI

A short Profile of the Early Years of my Military Career

Trevor Nottingham - SCLI

Happy Days

Steve Forward - SCLI

Memories start to Dim

Duncan Drake - SCLI - LI

Where the F###'s Aden

Peter Slade - SCLI - LI

On a Charge !

Peter Vile - SCLI

Fast Colours

John Pover - SCLI - LI

A tribute to "The RSM".

Alan Wheeler - SCLI 1961 - 1970/6LI 1970 - 1985

Bodmin, Gib, Morocco, Norway, Canada and much more..

Tony Hood - SCLI - 1960 to 1962

Achmer/Soltau/Putlos/Batman/Officer Mess/All memories of Long Ago

Keith Petvin-Scudamore - SCLI - 1960 to 1962

One Mans National Service

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