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The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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SCLI Memoir by - Major General Peter J. Bush OBE. - SCLI

Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry

Second Lieutenant to Major General

by Peter J. Bush OBE.

Died 11th June 2009

Webmasters Foreword:

It is with great pleasure that I am able to put this article up on screen of Major General Peter Bush OBE service career, he has responded to my letter and approach to him very warmly and is quite happy to be represented on the SCLI website.

I personally remember him very well, I was not in his Company at Osnabruck but as I was Major Tom Meredith's QM's clerk and went around all the Company offices on my daily work, I met him again in 1975 at Wilton near HQ Land Forces, he writes........

I hope the enclosed will be of some interest, My tour with SCLI started in August 1957 to September 1960 and was largely similiar to most officers based in Germany at that time and pretty uneventful.

Following the final parade of the 1st Bn Somerset Light Infantry at Knook Camp, Warminster, where we were the Demonstration Battalion to the School of Infantry, I together with the Somerset contingent, moved to Osnabruck. The amalgamation with the Cornish element took place there, we bacame the 1st SCLI.

Initially I commanded Support Company with Lt's Michael Baddeley and John White looking after the Mortars and Anti-tank platoons respectively. I then moved to command B Company until leaving for the Support Weapons Wing, School of Infantry at Netheravon. Field Training up to battalion level (Pheasant Tail) exercises and range work regularly occupied us over this period. I was then given the task of administering to Company groups using the Bn. Ski hut in the Hartz mountains which the Bn. rented, a good many men were introduced to this activity, albeit in pretty rugged conditions.

Overall the amalgamation of the two L.I. groups was achieved, in my view, quite excellently, thanks to both Officers and all ranks who were determined that this should be the case.

Service Career

May 1943 - June 1944
Royal Horse Guards 163 OCTU.
June 1944
Commissioned into Som. L.I. Commando Basic Trg. Centre
Dec. 1944 - Aug. 1945
Joined 9 Commado in Italy, action with 9CDO at Lake Comacchio and Argenta Gap. On returning to UK. posted to 3 Commando. Commando disbanded.
Jan 1946 - Dec 1947
1 Som. L.I. - India
Feb 1948 - Jan 1951
1 Som. L.I. Borden, Worthing, Dover.
Jan 1951 - Dec 1951
1 Som L.I. Munster - BAOR.
Jan. 1952 - Jan 1954
HQ Northern Army Group and G3 HQ (BR) Corps
April 1954 - July 1955
1 Som. L.I. - Malaya
July 1955 - Aug 1957
University of Bristol OTC
Aug 1957 - Sep 1959 1 Som. L.I. Knook with Som. L.I. Cadre
Sep 1959 - May 1961
1 SCLI amalgamation , to Osnabruck BAOR.
May 1961 - March 1963
Support Weapons Wing - GSO2, SOF 1, Netheravon
March 1963 - Sept 1966
RMA Sandhurst - Chief Instructor Old College
Sept 1966 - Aug 1968
CO. 4 KSLI (TA) and CO. LI. Volunteer. Dec. 68 - OBE
Aug 1968 - April 1970
GSO1 HQ 17Div/Malaya District and finally AA& QMC Malaya District
April 1970 - July 1971
Col. GS. ASD12 Mod. Infantry Responsibility
July 1971 - July 1973
COMD 3INF Bde - N. Ireland, Jul. 73, MID Services in N.I. Dec 73.
Jan 1974 - Nov. 1975
Chief of Staff to Sacuer - Mons, Responsibility for Berlin Corridors (Live Oak) Rank of Major General.

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