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Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of George's Galleon

Mercer Barracks Osnabruck Lower Saxony Germany 1961. As a G10 store man in HQ Company.

The nearest watering hole from the camp other than the Naffi was a Pub in Dodeshide and the landlord was a guy called George who was from the London area who was married to a German girl and used to think he was to smart for the lads of the SCLI and any trouble he would reach for a leather cosh filled with sand (truncheon) which he used on people with great relish.

In the bar there was model galleon which was Georges pride and joy and he always boasted that the galleon had set sail many times (meaning someone trying to steal it) and it never got past the bar door with the sadistic George guarding it.

Well with claims like that the gauntlet was thrown down and the galleon became the primary objective for the men of the SCLI.

After a few attempts to remove the Galleon with no luck and the SCLI men fell into a state of depression, until one night the galleon set sail not to be seen again? It was the story of the day around camp.

Months later there was a visit to the G10 store from a group of men in civvies and Major Mathews, who then started searching the store room and did not say what the search was for, after a while they all left the store. Without finding anything or saying what they were looking for.

Several hours later Corp Buff Paddock and Corp Doug Brown came into the store and lifted up a large camouflage net, and to my shock and absolute horror was George's prized galleon which was then whisked away and never seen again. More than likely the ship ended up in the Corporals mess ;-)

The thing that I often think about is WHAT would have happened to me if they had found the Galleon. As the group of men were from the SIB Service Investigation Branch) (police) as I never had a clue it was there. Goes to show what a crap store man I was for not noticing the bloody boat in the first place. Got feeling it was hidden for most of the time in the pioneer's workshop next door, and moved over night to the store when the SIB crowd were sniffing around.

They story goes that a photograph was taken of the model galleon and sent to George from Gibraltar . Bit like when students nick peoples gnomes and send postcards back to the owner reporting to be from the gnome in some far flung part of the world. :-)

A short story by Dave Pruett.

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