somerset and cornwall light infantry SCLI scli
The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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somerset and cornwall light infantry SCLI scli

Ray Bennett SCLI - LI



Ray Bennett - SCLI - LI

I joined the S.C.L.I. on 13th June 1960, and served in Osnabruck and Gibraltar, as a signaller, I was also fortunate to take part in (Lawrance of Arabia) in Saville, I went to Tobruk and did a double tour. After that to Berlin, I went into the bugle platoon there and later into the cookhouse as a reg:cook ( pastry cook ) and for a while in Gravesend; Roy Coombes and I were posted from the cookhouse into A coy it was from there that I went back to the signal platoon untill my discharge in 1972.

When I joined the signals I was Lt. Gavin Peck's driver in Germany, once when on a NATO exercise he had a very lucky escape when we were tail end charlie to a night convoy going over land, one of the A.P.C's. we were following must have hit the fence and a pole was stuckout quite a long way I didn't see it and it went though the front of the land rover and into the cab. It stopped against the dividing partition traveling between us, we both had a lucky esacape that night, I cant remember who was more shaken up him or me, we could not call for help as we were on radio silence, and had no tools to talk of so we took it in turns to chop it through with a shovel, and traveled back to base camp with about 2 ft of fence pole out in front. I remember we could turn right around the streets but had to take about 3 tries to get around any 90% left hand bends

Signals Platoon in Berlin
Bugle Platoon in Norway.
Dave Pruett on the bike - Bob Morgan on far right
Ray Bennett on the left then Brad Goodall and Tony Stone


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