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The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry
6 October 1959 - 10 July 1968

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Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry

The Memories start to Dim!

by Steve Forward

As we get older, the memories start to get a bit dim, and I am no exception. I passed out with the rest of my intake, the draft number of which I can't remember, and we shipped off to Osnabruck where we were put in 'A' Coy. I wanted to join the Regtl Signals, but was told that there were no vacancies, so I was told that as I was quite intelligent!!, I was set to work in the Orderly Room until I was sent back the UK, to Warminster, on a clerks course.

This was round about Christmas 1960. Somehow I passed the course, and was put to work in 'A' Coy office. I suppose some of my fondest memories of Osnabruck were going down to the "KP" otherwise known as the Krystal Palace (was it spelt like that?) it was there that I received the fright of my life when a stripper sat on my lap! Well I was only 18 and had led a sheltered life.

From there it was Gibraltar, South Barracks. There I got roped in to running in the Rock road races, which were held about every two weeks in the winter. Also took up aqua lung diving, but had to pack it in because I couldn’t clear my ears properly, so I got my life saving qualifications and started to teach the same down at the harbour. I spent most of my time in Gib in the Coy Office.

Then there was Tobruk of course. I missed out on becoming a movie star, I think that was the time I was in Tobruk.
Berlin. I was “D” Coy clerk with the Signals, Assault Pioneers and Recce Platoon. Probably my favourite Posting, apart from Hong Kong, but that is another story. It’s a funny thing, but I remember such places as the Hoffenblut, Stephanie’s and Lolitas, but I cannot remember people’s names. I suppose this must tell you something about me.

Back to the UK, Gravesend and then Norway. It was when I got back from Norway that I got married; now I have two daughters and two grandchildren. Then off to Aden.

It was Aden that changed the direction of my life, because at the end of that tour I was posted to the Junior Infantryman’s Regt in Shorncliffe, Kent where I spent two years, at the end of which I’m afraid I deserted the Regt and transferred to the Royal Army Pay Corps for the next ten years.

Copyright Text and Image: Steve Forward

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