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Berlin Gallery by - Vic Vaughan - SCLI - LI



The Vic Vaughan Berlin Gallery



Vic has recently returned from a nostalgic trip to Berlin and has sent us these pictures which no doubt will stir up a memory for many of us.

The Gallery

Click on images to enlarge and open in new window.

Approaching Helmstedt in the old West Germany
Heading into the services at Helmstedt
Old checkpoint at Helmstedt
Leaving West Germany you can see the scaffolding tower which belong to the Allies
The concrete tower that was the East German side
Part of the autobahn which runs from West Berlin, East German border, which ran up to Charlottenburg
The Kurfurstandam, which is one of the main street in Berlin for shopping, where once the trams used to run in the middle of the road they have now planted trees and park cars there now.
The Victory Tower
Going from West to East over a new bridge near to the Reichstag, as you can see there is a footbridge and new buildings beyond.
The Reichstag, for those who don't know what it is, it's the German parliament, The Dome on top of the Reichstag was only put there when the people of Berlin wanted something spectacular on top of their parliament, members of the public can actually go up there and walk round inside the Dome.
Looking at the Brandenburg gate on the south side, the iron bar's in the foreground actually marks where the Berlin Wall used to be.
The Brandenburg gate up towards Charlottenburg the road is actually called the 17th of June Strasse. In the distance you can see the victory tower.
The Brandenburg Gate
The Jewish monument, in the distance you can see the Brandenburg gate on the south side of it, it was actually in East Berlin but it was put there in remembrance of the 6 million Jews, that were sent to their deaths. The young man you can see on top of a concrete block was arrested by the German police straight after I took this photograph.
Picture of the wall I was in East Berlin, you can see in the foreground the white line where the wall used to be.
This shows where I am proceeding up the road with the wall on my right I am still in East Berlin on my way to Friedrich Strasse which is about 400 yards away in a straight line.
This is of me and an American soldier and woman at checkpoint Charlie in Friedrich Strasse. I don't know where the woman come from as there was no women when we were there.
Checkpoint Charlie in Friedrich Strasse going west to east.
Checkpoint Charlie looking from west to east.
French protestant Church which is in East Berlin, Even when the wall was there from 1961 until they knocked it down this church was actually being used by French Protestant's that were in East Berlin, it even had a French priest. And of course it is right next to the Opera house.
The Berlin Wall inside East Berlin.
The Berlin Wall inside East Berlin and of course I'm holding it up so it don't fall down.
In the distance is Frederick the Great sitting on his horse, Hitler didn't pull this down and left it as it was.
Leaving East Germany. On my way home.


Copyright Text and Image: Vic Vaughan

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