Victoria Cross

The Victoria Cross is the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

This list was was originally created by Mike Chapman of ( Re-created here by Keith Petvin-Scudamore.

Royal Air Force/Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve/Royal Flying Corps/Fleet Air Arm/

Royal Air Force - 15 Awards

BARKER, William George------------------- 201 Squadron; 1918; Foret de Mormal, France
BEAUCHAMP-PROCTOR, Andrew Frederick Weatherby ------84 Squadron; 1918; France
EDWARDS, Hughie Idwal -------------------105 Squadron; 1941; Bremen, Germany
GARLAND, Donald Edward ----------------12 Squadron; 1940; Albert Canal, Belgium
GIBSON, Guy Penrose ----------------------617 Squadron; 1943; Mohne Dam, Germany
GRAY, Thomas------------------------------ 12 Squadron; 1940; Albert Canal, Belgium
HANNAH, John----------------------------- 83 Squadron; 1940; Antwerp, Belgium
LEAROYD, Roderick Alastair Brook-------- 49 Squadron; 1940; Dortmund-Ems Canal, Germany
LORD, David Samuel Anthony ---------------271 Squadron; 1944; Arnhem, Holland
MALCOLM, Hugh Gordon ------------------18 Squadron; 1942; Chougui, Tunisia
MANNOCK, Edward -----------------------85 Squadron; 1918; France
NETTLETON, John Dering------------------ 44 Squadron; 1942; Augsberg, Germany
NICOLSON, Eric James Brindley----------- 249 Squadron; 1940; Southampton, England
SCARF, Arthur Stewart King--------------- 62 Squadron; 1941; Singora, Malaya
WEST, Ferdinand Maurice Felix

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (11 awards)

AARON, Arthur Louis-------------------- 218 Squadron; 1943; Turin, Italy
BARTON, Cyril Joe 578 Squadron; ------1944; Nuremburg, Germany
BAZALGETTE, Ian Willoughby ----------635 Squadron; 1944; Trossy St. Maximin, France
CAMPBELL, Kenneth------------------- 22 Squadron; 1941; Brest, France
CHESHIRE, Leonard Geoffrey Other; ---1940; Germany
CRUICKSHANK, John Alexander [migrated by pdinnen]--- 210 Squadron; 1944; Atlantic
JACKSON, Norman Cyril------------- 106 Squadron; 1944; Schweinfurt, Germany
MANSER, Leslie Thomas-------------- 50 Squadron; 1942; Cologne, Germany
PALMER, Robert Anthony Maurice ---109 Squadron; 1944; Cologne, Germany
REID, William -------------------------61 Squadron; 1943; Dusseldorf, Germany

Royal Flying Corps (11 awards)

BALL, AlbertOther;-------------------------------- 1917; Flying, France
BISHOP, William Avery---------------------------- 60 Squadron; 1917; Cambrai, France
HAWKER, Lanoe George-------------------------- 6 Squadron; 1915; France
INSALL, Gilbert Stuart Martin----------------------11 Squadron; 1915; Achiet, France
JERRARD, Alan----------------------------------- 66 Squadron; 1918; Mansue, Italy
McCUDDEN, James Thomas Byford --------------56 Squadron; 1917; France
McLEOD, Alan Arnett -----------------------------2 Squadron; 1918; Albert, France
MOTTERSHEAD, Thomas ------------------------20 Squadron; 1917; Ploegsteert Wood, Belgium
REES, Lionel Wilmot Brabazon-------------------- 32 Squadron; 1916; Double Crassieurs, France
RHODES-MOORHOUSE, William Barnard -------2 Squadron; 1915; Courtrai, Belgium
ROBINSON, William Leefe

Fleet Air Arm (1 award)

ESMONDE, Eugene. --------Royal Navy, 825 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm