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In the 1930s A.V. Roe Company (Britain) built the Avro Anson as a reconnaissance airplane for the RAF. The aircraft began its military service in 1936, becoming the RAF's first monoplane. By 1939 it was already obsolete, and the Lockheed Hudson superceded the Anson in the reconnaissance role. More than 11,000 Ansons were built.
In Canada the Anson is best known for its employment in the BCATP as a multi-engined trainer. It quickly became the mainstay of the Air Training Plan that graduated many of the pilots who would fly multi-engined aircraft for the RCAF and RAF. Ansons rendered excellent service to the RCAF until the last one left active service in 1954.
The CWH Anson Mk V-P is a long-range, photographic reconnaissance version. It is an all-wooden aircraft, made in 1944 by MacDonald Brothers Aircraft, Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was donated in 1980, after being used in post-war era for conducting mineral surveys. It now bears the yellow colour of the BCATP's trainers and markings of the wartime RCAF.

Type: Trainer, Transport, Photo Reconnaissance
Manufacturer: Avro
Designation: Anson
Version: 652A
Location : Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Powerplant : Pratt & Whitney R-985AN-14 Wasp Jr. .
Number of Engines : 2
Wing Span : 56ft 6in (17.2 m)
Length : 42ft 3in (12.9 m)
Height : 13ft (4 m)
Horsepower : 450"
Range-Speed : 790 mi(1,271 km) - 190 mph 304 km/h

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Avro Anson WD413 of the Air Atlantique Historic Flight
7150 was one of 1401 Anson IIs serving with the RCAF during the war years, specifically 18 March, 1942 to 14 August, 1946 when it was disposed of through War Assets in this individual case. Its record states that 7150 flew with the Test and Development Flight out of RCAF Station Trenton, Ontario rather than being used as a multi-engine pilot trainer for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) as were the vast majority of Ansons of all models.When tallied in total the Avro 652A Anson in Mks. I, II, IV, V, and VI numbered 4413 Aircraft, making them the most widely used Aircraft type in any of the Canadian Air Forces.



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