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The American-designed and built Douglas A-20 "Boston" and its fighter variant, the"Havoc", were designed to meet an Army Air Corps attack specification in 1938. The original aircraft in this series, the DB-7 (Douglas Bomber 7), was built as a private venture by Douglas. The Boston was also the one of the first US combat aircraft to have a nosewheel. The prototype flew in December 1938, and the first production model on 17 August, 1939. It was was in use by the French and British before delivery to US squadrons.
In February 1939 France had placed an order for one hundred bombers specifying a number of design changes. When France fell, most of these aircrafts were delivered to England where they were called Bostons.

Generally it was used on night-intruder missions over enemy occupied territory to attack airfields, lines of communications and, when possible, engage hostile aircraft. Though the Boston saw no action with the FAA.

The export version of the A-20C was the first aircraft to be ordered under a lend-lease contract. The A-20G (produced in the largest number) and A-20H were solid nose fighter versions, but retained the bomb bays. The H model had 1700 hp R-2600-29 engines and was a little faster. The J and K models returned to the glazed nose using a new type of frameless transparent nose.

Before production was terminated in September 1944, 7,385 aircrafts were built in several versions, including 3,125 supplied to the USSR under lend lease.

The Fleet Air Arm received 27 transfers from RAF of the Boston III/turbinlite, Boston
III/intruder, Boston I. The first was received by 771 squadron at Twatt in November 1943 (eg AH507), then in February 1944 to RNDA (W8393), and March 1944 (W8255). All aircraft were ultimately delivered to 771 squadron at Twatt. The last aircraft of the type in FAA service was in December 1945 at RNAS Ayr (BZ332).

Some aircraft may appear identical but there are differences which will not be discernible from the image.

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