Gallery No 9 - BOEING C-17A Globemaster

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Globemaster III entered service with the Royal Air Force in 2001, the four leased airlifters operated by No 99 Squadron at RAF Brize Norton, have been operating at more than 200 per cent of their planned rate. After a year in service, Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram said the RAF's C-17 fleet had flown "just over twice the hours on which the support was modelled."
Funding for support of the fleet was modelled on a total of 3,000 flying hours per full year. The overall cost of the seven-year lease and all support equipment for the four aircraft was £750m but there are no additional lease costs associated with the increased level of flying. The squadron took delivery of its first aircraft a few weeks ahead of schedule on 23 May 2001, flown to its new home at RAF Brize Norton from the factory in the USA by the first qualified RAF crew. On arrival, the immediate task was to train the additional aircrew, engineers and support staffs but the aircraft was soon used on operational tasks. The second aircraft was collected a month later and the last two in August.

Some aircraft may appear identical but there are differences which will not be discernible from the image.

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99 Squardon RAF Brize Norton



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