Gallery No 13 - Liberator

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My thanks to Roger Dunn and the MOD for supplying these images.Wikipedia for text.


Consolidated-Vultee B-24D-85-CO Liberator

Type: heavy bomber with crew of 10
Powerplant: four 1,200-hp (895-kW) Pratt & Whitney R-1830-43 Twin Wasp radial piston engines
Performance: maximum speed 303 mph (488 km/h); initial climb 1,100 ft (335 m) per minute; operating radius with 5,000-lb (2268-kg) bomb load 1,080 miles (1730 km)
Weights: empty 33,980 Ib (15413 kg); maximum take-off 60,000 lb (27216 kg)
Dimensions: span 110 ft 0 in (33.52 m); length 66 ft 4 in (20.22 m); height 17 ft 11 in (5.46 m); wing area 1,048 sq ft (97.36 m2)
Armament: one (usually three) 0.5-in (12.7-mm) nose gun, two in dorsal turret, two in tail turret, two in retractable ball turret and two in waist positions; plus a maximum internal bomb load of 8,000 lb (3629 kg)


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