Gallery No 23 - McDonnell Douglas Phantom

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My thanks to Roger Dunn and the MOD for supplying these images and Wikipedia for text..

Role All-weather fighter-bomber
Crew 2
First flight May 27, 1958
Entered service 1961
Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas Corporation
Length 62 ft 11 in 19.2 m
Wingspan 38 ft 11 in 11.8 m
Height 16 ft 5 in 5.02 m
Wing area 530 ft² 49.24 m²
Empty 28,500 lb 12,930 kg
Loaded 51,440 lb 23,340 kg
Maximum takeoff 58,000 lb 26,300 kg
Engines Two General Electric J79 turbojet engines
Thrust 2 x 17,900 lbf 2x 80 kN
Maximum speed 1,430 mph 2,305 km/h
Combat range 540 miles 865 km
Ferry range 1,925 miles 3,100 km
Service ceiling 60,000 ft 18,000 m
Rate of climb ft/min m/min
Wing loading 40,550 lb/ft² 12,360 kg/m²
Avionics Westinghouse Electric Corporation AN/AWG-10B (F-4J/S) radar.
AN/AWG-10C manufactured by Ferranti (F-4K/FG.1 (UK))
Guns 20 mm M61 Vulcan cannon with 725 rounds (F-4E/F only)
Bombs Five pylon bomb racks 16,000 lb (7,260 kg)
15 CBU-52, 15 CBU-58, 15 CBR-71, 15 CBU-87, 15 CBU-89, 12 MK-20, 6 BL-755
Missiles Four AIM-7 Sparrow in fuselage recesses plus four AIM-9 Sidewinders on wing pylons; most can carry AGM-65 Maverick
Rockets various combinations of 2.75 in (70 mm) rocket pods
Other F-4G equipped for AGM-45 Shrike, AGM-78 Standard, and AGM-88 HARM in SEAD role. Israeli F-4Es equipped for Rafael Popeye stand-off missile.

Some aircraft may appear identical but there are differences which will not be discernible from the image.

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6 Squadron FGR 2
43 Squadron FG1
111 Squadron FG1

USAF F-4 Phantom II

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