Gallery No 20 - Short Sunderland

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My thanks to Roger Dunn and the MOD for supplying these images. Wikipedia for the text.

The Sunderland, S.25, was a flying boat patrol bomber, developed for the Royal Air Force by Short Brothers, based on their successful S.23 Empire flying boats, the flagship of Imperial Airways. The Sunderland first flew on October 16, 1937, and became one of the most powerful and widely used patrol bombers during World War II, terror of the German U-boat fleet.

Role Maritime patrol
Length 85 ft 3.5 in 26.0 m
Wingspan 112 ft 9.5 in 34.4 m
Height 34 ft 6 in 10.5 m
Empty 36,900 lb 16,700 kg
Loaded 60,000 lb 27,200 kg
Engines 4 x Bristol Pegasus X, XVIII or Hercules XVII
Power hp kW
Maximum Speed 213 mph at 5,000 ft

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