Gallery No 21 - Hawker Typhoon

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The Typhoon was a British single-seat fighter aircraft, produced by Hawker Aviation starting in 1941. Intended as a replacement for the Hawker Hurricane in the interceptor role, it suffered from performance problems, and it instead evolved into one of World War II's most successful strike fighters

Role ground attack
Crew 1
First flight February 1940
Entered service
Manufacturer Hawker, Gloster
Length ft in 9.75 m
Wingspan ft in 12.7 m
Height ft in 4.7 m
Wing area ft² 25.92 m²
Empty lb 3992 kg
Loaded lb 5171 kg
Maximum takeoff lb 5171 kg
Engine Sabre IIA
Power 2,200 hp 1626 kW
Thrust lb kN
Maximum speed mph 652 km/h at 5485 m
Combat range miles km
Ferry range miles 821 km
Service ceiling ft 10,365 m
Rate of climb ft/min m/min
Guns 4 x Hispano 20mm cannons
Bombs 2 x 450 Kg Bombs
Rockets 8 x 60 lb rockets

Some aircraft may appear identical but there are differences which will not be discernible from the image.

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183 Squadron
266 Squadron
This massive new fighter, the heaviest and most powerful single-seat single-engined warplane envisaged at the time of its design, was to suffer a long gestatory period. Despite its problems, it was to blossom into one of the most formidable weapons evolved during the Second World War, and became the mainstay of Britain's fighter defense against the V-1 "Buzz Bomb".



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