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The Handley Page Victor was a British jet bomber aircraft, one of the 'V bombers' intended to carry Britain's nuclear arsenal. The other two V-bombers were the Avro Vulcan and the Vickers Valiant. During the Borneo conflict of 1962-66, two Victor B Mk 1A bombers flew the Victor's only offensive mission.

With the grounding of the Vickers Valiant due to structural problems, the programme for the first production model Victors to replace it in the inflight refuelling role was sped up.

After finally being phased out of bomber service with the Royal Air Force, the Victor saw continued and extensive use as a tanker aircraft. It was finally withdrawn from service in 1993, having lasted nine years longer in service than any of the other V bombers, albeit not in its original role.

Role Strategic Nuclear Bomber
Crew 5
First flight December 24, 1952 (Prototype)
February 1, 1956 (Production)
Entered Service 1958
Manufacturer Handley Page
Length 114 ft 11 in 34.72 m
Wingspan 110 ft 0 in 33.5 m
Height 28 ft 1½ in 8.57 m
Wing area ft² m²
Empty lb kg
Loaded 165,000 lb 75,000 kg
Maximum takeoff lb kg
Engines 4 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire A.S.Sa.7 (202) Turbojets
Thrust (each) 11,000 lbf 49 kN
Maximum speed 650 mph 1050 km/h
Combat range 1,500 miles 2,400 km
Ferry range miles km
Service ceiling ft m
Rate of climb ft/min m/min
Wing loading lb/ft² kg/m²
Thrust/Weight 0.27 lbf/lb 2.62 N/kg
Guns none
Bombs 35 x 1000 lb
Missiles Blue Steel (nuclear)

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55 Squadron Mk2
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