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New Cap Badge for Royal Regiment of Scotland
Published Wednesday 17th August 2005

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New Cap Badge for Royal Regiment of Scotland
Published Wednesday 17th August 2005

The new cap badge for The Royal Regiment of Scotland.
Visitors to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo were some of the first to see the new cap badge when it was projected onto Edinburgh Castle on the evening of the 16th August [Picture: Mark Owens].The Colonel Commandant of The Scottish Division and their most senior serving officer, Major General Euan Loudon, has unveiled the new Cap Badge of The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The new badge will be worn by all Battalions of The Royal Regiment of Scotland when it is formed in spring 2006. The badge, which will replace all the current Regimental badges, was recently approved by the Army Dress Committee and granted Royal Assent by Her Majesty the Queen.

The new Regiment will consist of the six regiments of the Scottish Division which will each form a battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. The six regiments are; The Royal Scots, The Kings Own Scottish Borderers, The Black Watch, The Highlanders, The Royal Highland Fusiliers and The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

In Autumn, 2006, the Kings Own Scottish Borderers Battalion and The Royal Scots Battalion will merge to form a single battalion, leaving 5 Regular Battalions in the Regiment. The current TA infantry regiments in Scotland, 51st Highland Regiment and 52nd Lowland Regiment, will also form part of The Royal Regiment of Scotland and will be re-named 7th and 8th Battalions of The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

General Loudon explained the symbology of the new badge and why it was chosen:

"Our new Regiment needs a new symbol, one that is designed on the principles of simplicity, style, smartness, Scottishness and, above all, something of which the soldiers can be proud. It has been our priority to design and gain approval for this new symbol as quickly as possible."

General Loudon also explained the thinking behind the design:

"It incorporates two of the most recognisable symbols of Scotland – the Saltire and the Lion Rampant. In addition a Scottish Crown surmounts the Lion as is incorporated by right as we are to be a Royal regiment. The motto on the scroll of our new capbadge is 'Nemo me impune lacessit' – 'no one assails me with impunity'. This is one of Scotland’s mottoes, so this badge concentrates and represents the very essence of Scotland.

"The design work has been a collaborative effort, led by Brigadier Andrew Mackay. It is the culmination of several months of discussion and consultation both with those who are serving and those who have retired. The serving officers and Regimental Sergeant Majors who have been involved in this work very quickly came to the conclusion that this crisp, bold design passed their tests of style and simplicity (with flying colours).

"Brigadier Mackay has been ably supported with both advice and ideas by the staff of the Lord Lyon, who is responsible to the Sovereign for Scottish heraldic matters. The design was submitted to Her Majesty The Queen through the Army Dress Committee and Her Majesty has graciously given our new capbadge Her royal assent."

For General Loudon the new design is a real step forward:

"This is a bold new design – it unifies all of Scotland’s line Infantry regiments and it incorporates the key symbols (icons) of Scotland. One capbadge for the Nation’s new Regiment."

All officers and soldiers, in both the Regular and TA battalions, of the new Regiment will wear the new capbadge from Formation Day. This will be no later than the end of March 2006.


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