Conscripted: November 1946 - Demobbed April 1949

Basic Training: Kempston Barracks, Bedfordshire

Royal Army Service Corp: Training: Yeovil, Somerset.

Various Camps in Yorkshire: 1947 - 1948

Moascar Egypt: April 1948 - April 1949



By "Driver" Bill Hawksford


"Blessed are they, who laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused". Anonymous

Copyright: The Hawksford family: - Bill died on May 11th 2007, his stories will live on.

Webmaster Foreword.

My contact with Bill started in 2003, Bill lived in New York having emigrated to USA in 1967, he was a huge supporter of this website and visited it every day. He was a very sick man for years but this did not effect his special brand of humour, we emailed each other most days and his wit was something to be believed, his emails became something unique every day to be enjoyed.

I never met him in person but feel I knew him well, I still miss him and will never forget Driver Bill, in life you come across people who make a big impression on you, Bill was one of those people. His stories will live on !.

Kempston Barracks



Sing for your Supper




Excused Boots




The Soldier and the Sergeant

The Polish Camp



The Soldier and the Sergeant Major

Barbie and Ken



The Soldier and the NAAFI

The Soldier and the Duck



The Soldier and the General

The Soldier and the Pay Office



The Soldier and the Barber

Port Said 1948



The Soldier and Ali

The Soldier and the Mechanic



The Soldier and ATS Girls

Special Investigation Branch



The Soldier and the Germans




The Finale 1949

Bill ,with pal at Quasassin, Egypt
Bill - All at sea !
Bill on the left, Jock centre ,all pals at Yeovil

Bill in his service days.

Special Memories:

Just William and his Sister Mary outside their house at 52 Beechwood Road, Luton 1938. He blames most of his misadventures on being forced to eat his Dad's Walls Ice Cream and Sausages





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