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This page was created by (Webmaster) as a tribute to the Regiment of the Durham Light Infantry which ceased to exist in 1968. The Depot of the DLI at Brancepeth was my first experience of the British Army where I completed 13weeks infantry training as part of a draft of young men all from the West Country. This draft was not to serve its time with the DLI but was transferred to the Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry, at that time based in Osnabruck.

I would particularly like to mention the late Freddie Knowles and late Albert Kennedy, both training Cpl's of Somme Platoon in 1960, soldiers we came to respect immensely, firm but very fair and respectfully remembered.

I have created a special page in remembrance of Fred Knowles

DLI Memoir by John Brigg one time - 2Lieut John Brigg

My grateful thanks to Kevin Storey BEM. DLI Assoc. Sec. Durham, John Attle, Mrs Beattie Knowles RIP 2008, Major Philip Windsor-Aubrey, Lt. Col. Roger Grannum, 2Lieut John Brigg, Bob Bogan BEM. , Tommy Coombe, Terry Manning, Les Ward, Alan Parker, Vernon Keighley, Alan Guy.Tony Bewick and Philip Ashworth for their loan of photographs and assistance.

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The Regiments VC's at

General Pictures

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Freddie Knowles

Albert Kennedy

Somme Plt of Somerset Draft at Brancepeth 1960 - 5FK
Somerset Draft at Brancepeth 1960 - 6FK
Somerset Draft at Buttermere - Aug 1960 (6cFK)
Somerset Draft atop High Stile in Lake District. Extreme left George Bawden RIP, ?,?,?,?,?,Cpl Kennedy,Ball, Batt, Scudamore (6dFK)
Tommy Lloyd and Albert Kennedy - Wuppertal 1953 -7FK
Orderly Room - L to R. L/Cpl Calvert, Bunger, Black, Moss, Inman, Mr Petrie, The Adjutant, C/Sgt Oakley, Clara. (6bFK)


George the Saturday Night Soldier by Ray Hoggart

Brancepeth Camp as it was in 1950

Pictures and captions by Bob Bogan BEM.

The actual Camp was turned into an open cast coal mine after the Camp closed (early 1960's). In 63/64 once coal had been extracted it was levelled and grassed over back to farm land.

Camp Diagram - ATS Quarters were junior offrs and RSMs - offically sub standard quarters. (19jpg)

As it is Today - Nov. 2006

View from top end (old wooden camp fence post) is all that remains, notice bolt. Main gate would have been approx. just below red bush on the left. Sports field on left just over this new fence. Guard room approx. by red bush.- drill square to right and lower down. Training Coy office to right plus gym. Wood spiders well to the right, NAAFI long low stone building bottom of view. (BB1)
This is approx. where the top gate entrance was - only old opening left at the top of Camp top boundary ( verified by kerb stones for entry) (BB2)
Having got off the bus from Durham you would walk up slight slope from Crossed Junction to reach the Main Gate - dead centre of picture. The kerb stones at this point are much newer, so this is where the main gate was - guard room to the right - MI room to left - carry on to NAAFI on left - drill square in front and up to the right. (BB3)
Two officers houses (semi-detatched), now private homes. These were quarters for junior 8DLI (TA) officers (BB4)
View of CO's house, it was sold off, now private home. (BB5)
Assault course, is now overgrown, mother nature has taken over, no sign of water ditch - 6foot jumps - walls etc. (BB6)
Walking along the Page Bank Road on my way to the three officers houses I came across three old WD Camp concrete fence posts. A new wooden fence runs a few feet to their right. (Its the sunshine making it look so white) (BB7)
The rear bottom gate. (BB8)
View of part of Golf course taken from the Page Bank road. (BB9)
Brancepeth Castle main entrance is between the two massive towers. (BB10)
Brancepeth Castle main entrance - rather small compared to its massive tower and battlements, easy to defend and close off. The Guard Room was on the left as you moved towards the keep. (BB11)
Brancepeth Castle DLI HQ. for Brancepeth Camp DLI Training Depot. DLI always kept peacocks in the keep (BB12)
View of where the wooden spiders would have been in the back toward the skyline and slightly right. (BB13)
Brancepeth Village cross roads, turn left past Camp and onto Willington and Crook. Turn right and onto Meadowfield, Langley Moor and then Durham City. (BB14)
Looking over rear bottom gate, this is the area where married quarters started, the senior officers houses can just be seen in the tree line. The wooden spider accom. was further up and to the right. (BB15)
Rear view of Brancepeth Castle, old railings at edge of golf course, this is the road from Page Bank/Spennymoor. (BB16)
Brancepeth sign going back down looking towards bus stop. This road takes you to Durham City. (BB17)
View taken from where the long low NAFFI would have been, drill square up to left slightly, guard room up to right past this tree. Behind and to the west of the Guard Room was the specially built hockey pitch (BB18)

Eddie Murphy DLI - The last man credited to leave Brancepeth Camp on its closure. (BB25)

Roll Call - Ex Cpl Tony King calls the roll at the first reunion dinner at Chester Le Street of the DLI Band in 1982. - Picture sent in by Vernon - Keighley. (BB25a)

Pictures below are re-produced by kind permission of The Durham Light Infantry Museum.

Brancepeth Castle - very close to Brancepeth Camp, one-time Depot of the DLI.

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(© Copyright All Rights Reserved by Keith Hutchinson)

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The Picture (43jpg) above is the main gate of Brancepeth Camp, the Guardroom is on the right. Probably taken in 1955 when the 2nd Btn DLI were been disbanded I think they marched up from the castle after the parade, they were in Wuppertal Germany up in till then. Taking the salute at Brancepeth Guard Room in 1955 was Lt Col KMW Leather OBE MC. he was CO 2DLI- [Tony Bewick]

There was a big parade in Durham city when the colours were laid up. We were trucked down from Brancepeth and after the service in the Cathedral marched through the city with colours flying and band playing (i.e. exercising the freedom) It all felt a bit shambolic as the steepness of the streets down from the Cathedral, paved in slippery steps, were not ideal in ammunition boots, certainly not at Regimental pace, and the band was way in front so the music was echoing back. The DLI Museum which I visited a few years ago gave the date as 1956 so I sent them the copy of the service sheet that I had kept to prove it was June 1955. [John Brigg]

(© Copyright All Rights Reserved by Keith Hutchinson)

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Picture taken Summer 2005 at Brancepeth Castle War Day - (45jpg) © Copyright All Rights Reserved by Keith Hutchinson)

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Stained glass window at the Town Hall of Durham in honour of The Durham Light Infantry.(44jpg) © Copyright All Rights Reserved by Keith Hutchinson)


Bob Martin, Dickinson, Canon Jervaise Markham, John Fishwick (dcd), Ken Day (dcd)( 7bFK)
Driver is Tony Bewick, Passenger is Colburn - 7cFK
Rear rank: Llwenyn,Morton,Evans,Tuttman,Mcgregor,Elphant - Front rank: Cooper,Machin,Lewis,Gorman,Davis,Mt Clerk.
Robin Hawksworth and Bob Fawcett - 8FK------Cpl. Hunter (cig in mouth) Cpl Knowles by his side. On the grass: Plummer, Hemmer, Tait, Martin, Longsdale, Allen, Lake District 1958. Cpl Hunter and Knowles served together in Korea. 8aFK
1st Recruit Platoon - Brancepeth Oct 1958 - Jan 1959 (9FK)
Mid row: Far left: Pte Ridley, Front Row: L to R - Cpl McMillan, ?, Sgt Carr, Pte. Ward (best recruit, later Cpl instructor at Depot), Lieut. P. Windsor-Aubrey, DCLI recruit, 2nd best name unknown, Cpl. Catterick, ?.
The map of the world as background was painted on barrack block wall and was used for photographs for every platoon.
2nd Recruit Platoon - Brancepeth Spring/Summer 1959 (10FK)
Far Right middle row: Stephen Miller, Back row 5th from left: Gregson (later Cpl. MT Plt. 1st DLI 1961/1963. Front row: 4th from left Lieut. P. Windsor-Aubrey, 5th Pte. Hutchinson (good hockey player 1st DLI, 6th Sgt. Carr. ?
Note the many Marksmen's Badges
The map of the world as background was painted on barrack block wall and was used for photographs for every platoon.
Somerset Draft at Brancepeth - Extreme left Cpl Catterick, Extreme right Cpl Kennedy (11FK)

Stockton Railway Station 4th May 1956 - Visit of HM The Queen - Guard of Honour furnished by B Company 1st Bn Durham Light Infantry. (Picture 55jpg supplied by Major Philip Windsor-Aubrey)

Queen's Colour Lt. P Windsor-Aubrey, Subaltern Lt R.B. McGregor-Oakford MC. Commanding Officer, Lt Col RG Atkinson MC. is the officer standing by the dais on HM Queen' left. (Picture 54jpg supplied by Major Philip Windsor-Aubrey)

Stockton Railway Station 4th May 1956 - Guard Commander Major Leslie Fleming MC. (Picture 53jpg supplied by Major Philip Windsor-Aubrey)

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Recruit passing out parades at Brancepeth (Lt Grannum, Sgt Winter and right marker Cpl Lang) Picture supplied by Roger Grannum (11cFK)

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Recruit passing out group picture at Brancepeth - Officer is Lt Grannum, on his left CSM Hawkesworth and next to him Cpl Lang, on his right Cpl later Sgt Honey. - picture supplied by Roger Grannum. (11dFK)
2nd Bn Durham Light Infantry - Jan 1955 Wuppertal - Left , Cpl Bogan A Coy, Cpl Jordan QM's. (BB19)
2nd Bn Durham Light Infantry - Jan 1955 Wuppertal - Corporals Mess
L - R - Brian Stamp - Tony Lorrane & Other (Standing) - Ray Burton - John Herbert - Denis Ward - Fred Knowles - Albert Kennedy - Brian Robinson - Ken Petrie - Paddy Rinney - Fred Leck (37jpg)
2nd DLI Band playing in the barracks at Wuppertal, the grass lawn area between cookhouse and NAFFI Blocks. Note in the centre of photograph playing the Clarinet, a very young band boy, "John Fishwick" 1st & 2nd Bn DLI man - Sadly John died as an in pensioner at The Royal Hospital Chelsea, maybe in 2004. (BB20)
2Bn DLI Shooting Team Wuppertal
Top left L/Cpl Thomas, L/cpl Potts, Cpl Robinson, Sgt Brean Pte Haigh, Sgt Shingler, Sgt Martin, Cpl Charlton, Pte Furlaway.L/ Cpl Metcalf, Cpl Mason,L/cpl Conroy, Pte Whitelock,
Front row Left to right, C/sgt Taylor, C.S.M. Moralee, Maj Shaw, Maj Benson, Lt Col Leather, Gen Coad, Brig Neville, Maj Taylor.Lt Morton, C/Sgt Wear. Sgt White.
Sgt. Robert Shingler writes:
I was stationed at Wuppertal in 1954/55. I was a coy SGT with Lt Rawlings and eventually became mess caterer at the end of my National service. I am 6th from the left top row. - (BB20a)
2nd DLI reformed 1952 - suspended animation 1955. Photo of 2 DLI football team taken at Wuppertal BAOR, many were National Servicemen. This team were Brigade Cup Winners, 2nd Division Cup Winners, BAOR Cup Winners, Army Assn Cup Winners all in same season..
Back Row Ray Bell : Ralph Rain (Witton Park Co) .: 3rd from right is Sgt Brean with moustache.
Centre row left to right Alan barker. John Mccallum. Harry Thompson . Morris Bidolph. Kenny Clarey.
Front row.left to right. Harry Hindmarch(Sunderland). Harry Dinsdale. John Allison. Frank Boyd. Bgr A Ankers.
Memory by Brian Ripley
Third from the left front row holding the cup is Corporal John Allison, a mate of mine.
Also in BB22 there he is again. I remember thay day as if it was yesterday. Good times, good times. Brian Ripley DLI 1954-1956.
Memory by John Brigg -
The success of the football team was a huge morale boost for a battalion facing disbandment. The BAOR cup final was played (and won) against 1/KSLI on the "neutral" ground at Osnabruck - 1/Oxford and Bucks LI. A huge Light Infantry get together. This qualified the team for the semi final of the Army Cup (1 from BAOR and 3 from UK) The semi final was played in Germany in a big stadium ( Dusseldorf?) against Depot RAOC. I remember the patronising attitude of the officers who came over with them and stayed in our mess e.g. how good for a mere battalion to get so far in the competition against the might of the big corps. Our team soon quietened them! The final was played at Aldershot against Depot RAPC. When our posting to Kenya was changed to "suspended animation" in Spring 1955, the powers that be warned that the PRI fund must not be squandered and any balance at disbandment would be forfeited to War Office (or whatever MOD was called then) Col. Leather determined that it was money raised by members of the battalion (NAAFI rebates, profit from the pig farm that used the cookhouse scraps etc) they should enjoy it. Convoys of coaches were hired to travel to matches and even a chartered aircraft to travel to the final! I do'nt think there was much money left! It is a pity that your photograph of the team with he Army Cup is in black and white. The two characters holding the banner were two sergeants who paraded round the pitch as cheer leaders with their banner, dressed from head to toe in red and green, they even had painted their boots green with red toecaps!
2nd DLI reformed 1952 at Deeerbolt Camp Barnard Castle Co. Durham. Went into suspended animation 1955 at Brancepeth Camp. 2DLI served in BAOR Dec 1952 - June 1955 at Wuppertal.
This picture is of 2 DLI Army Football Assn Cup Winners, they played away at Aldershot, the score 1 - 0 (BB22)
Back row. Ray Bell. Harry Hindmarch. Bgr A Ankers. John Allison. Harry Dinsdale.
Front row. Harry Thompson. Morris Biddulph. Kenny Clarey. John Mccallum. Frank Boyd.
2DLI Xmas 1953 - Wuppertal. Left to Right - Chad Stephenson, Bob Bogan, ? NS man, Joe Parker, Ron Robinson, ? NS Man, Pete Higgins. (BB23)
2 DLI Wuppertal 1953 -Extreme left Kevin Storey, Extreme right Sgt Fox. - (11aFK)
DLI - Nicosia 1958 . - The man in civvies is Sir Hugh Foot, Governor of Cyprus, on his left Lt RC Grannum., On his right (left as we look) is 2/Lt C Townsend (later Sir Cyril Townsend) - Front row 3rd from right Freddie Knowles, Ray Hodge on his left. -( 11bFK)



Tony Bewick and L/Cpl Falcus Sept. 1957--13F--------------------------------------------MT guys, Morton, Harrison, POL s/m, Davis, McCleod, Bewick, Front: Gorman, Cooper, Scott, Graham.--14FK

Jock Grassom and Tony Bewick - 15FK--------------------------------------------------Alma Platoon (KOYLI lads) 16FK

The programme front of the Coronation Parade and the Parade in the Wuppertal Stadium on June 2nd 1953. It poured all day. The 2 DLI CO accompanying the Inspecting Officer is Lt Col KMW Leather, Major Taylor is far left, right hand marker is CSM Wear.
T Burns has spotted himself on this picture - he writes - 22670958 I was A National Service Man in The 2nd Battalion The Durham Light Infantry 1952-1954 stationed at Keithley Barracks Wuppertal B.A.O.R. I was picked with many others from the Battalion to go on The Queens Coronation Parade at the Wuppertal Sports Stadium 2 June 1953, I am to the right of CSM Wear. (Picture supplied by Terry Manning) - 16aFK

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Guard of Honour in Berlin in 1964 for Edward Heath. Guard commander Captain RC Grannum, in the background Lt Col LL Fleming CO 1DLI and Captain WB Hill adjutant 1DLI (16bFK)

Princess Alexandra reviewing the 1st Battalion at Honiton - Devon May 1961 - Capt WB Hill accompanying HRH- (17FK)

At the unveiling of two bronze statues of Cpt Dickie Annand VC and Pte Thomas Young VC,
at the South Shields Town Hall 6May 2007.
Pat McGurk - John Bell - Derek Holmstrom. (Picture Les Ward) - (17aFK)

Tommy Griffiths Memorial (Shotton)

Left to right Terry Reaper - Wally Sloan - Peter Hall - Peter Finn - Les Ward - John Bell
??? - Peter Burns - Bob Hall. (Picture Les Ward) - (17bFK)

Click image to enlarge to 900 - A Coy 1968 - The parade was Princess Alexandra, at Durham Cathedrel. - (Picture Les Ward)

2006 Reunion - Durham.
3 Lads from The South Wales Borderers that were with us in Borneo.
John Bell - Flicker Loveless - Derek Holmstom - SWB - Bob Hall - SWB - Les Ward
Doug Elliot - Terry Reaper - Ed murphy - Reg Dixon - Pat McGurk - SWB. (Picture from Les Ward - (3PLt A com DLI) the photo was taken at the Bede College in Durham.
The Welsh lads have been coming to our reunion for a few years now, we are going to there reunion in July in Brecon.
A platoon of The South wales Borderers were with us in A company in Borneo a place called Gunan Gajak, as we were under strength. - (17cFK)

2007 Reunion - Pictures by Les Ward

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The Parade
Peter Finn Bell 01 Seppie Jops
John Bell Seppie Jobs Les Ward Bronko Lane Headly Freman Pat McGurk
Mr Bond Bronko Lane
(To old Boxers
Bell 01 Pet Finn
Bronko Rafie Graham
Pet Finn Les Ward
Tallest on the right, shortest on the left

A Coy, 2/DLI, reunion - 2007
On the left Bob Bogan BEM with Light Infantry Officer John Brigg, they were meeting for first time in 52 years - (17dFK)

Three "Old Durhams" visit Brancepeth Castle, Bob Bogan, John Pickard, Tony Lynn. They all started their service in 2DLI, Tony went on to become a Captain and served in 1DLI - 2DLI - and TA. John at this time was very ill with cancer and wanted to visit Brancepeth with his old pals. They got permission to enter the castle and are seen sitting in the main courtyard. (BB24)

T. Griffiths Memorial Service - From L to R Mike Kelly, Joe White (KSLI) ,and Lenny Wright (3LI.).
- Picture by John Attle. - (17eFK)

A veteran reflects - Harry Lister ((© Copyright All Rights Reserved by John Attle) - (17fFK)
Return to Gold Beach: From left, Dickie Atkinson, Ken
Lodge, Ian English ( Three Military Crosses - died 2006), Charles Eagles and Ernest Harvey (18K)
On right is Major Ted Darwin (3reunionFK)
A very well turned out bn. On right is Lt Col Eric Burini (6reunionFK)
On right is Col GC Bartram - behind the front rank in a bowler hat is Col RWH Crawford.(11reunionFK)
Major Christopher Lawton MBE. - Officers retirement to be landmark for a great regiment. He is the last member of the original Durham Light Infantry still serving in the British Army. This brings to an end a history spanning 250 years. Major Lawton will continue to serve the army as a retired officer having taken up the post as Regimental County Secretary for the Light Infantry in County Durham. (13reunionFK)

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