RAF Melton Mowbray - RAF Syerston - RAF Staverton - RAF West Drayton - RAF Swinderby

by Ken Lamb



RAF Police 1946 to 1948

Basic Taining at RAF Melton Mowbray, Cpl Greenwood was the drill instructor

My service number was 3081533 and I was from 1946 to 1948 Cpl. Kenneth Lamb. Having remustered to RAF Police at RAF West Drayton, I then reported to RAF Staverton and did my police training. My posting to Station Police was postponed and a Cpl. mechanic and myself were given the job of selecting four Hillman cars from a hangar full of vehicles needing repairs. When we had four cars up and running a driving school was started at RAF Staverton.

Sgt. Palmer and I also started up a camp cinema in the evenings, and I was given the job of playing music in the Training AC's mess at meal times, voluntary job). During which time in the PHQ hut which was almost across from my bed was the station swing band, they went up to London and made a recording, I often played this in the mess at meal times.

When the driving school closed down I became the barman in the Officers Mess but my next move was to No 3 District Provost HQ at RAF Syerston, near Newark. We used to patrol the main towns

On patrol in Nottingham with Cpl Ivan Mattingley who is on the left

Later in 1947/48 I was posted to RAF Swinderby to join up with the Americans when they came to RAF Scampton as we had to patrol with them in Lincoln City. I had to return to RAF Syerston for demob.


Cpl Ken Lamb at the wheel


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