Gallery No 13 - Badges

Officers Training Colleges - 26 Images

Some badges may appear identical but there are differences which will not be discernible from the image.

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St. Andrews University Training College
Barlow & North Lonsdale Training Corps
Cheshire Training Regt. Vols.
Cranleigh Combined Cadet Force - Post 1948
Edinburgh University Corps TA - Post 1953
Grantham School OTC.
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst - Post 1971
School of Musketry - 1902/1919
Louth School OTC.
Infantry Training Btn. 1944
Junoir Leaders Training Regt. Post 1953
Royal Military Academy 1902/1947
Royal Military College Sandhurst - Pre 1953
Mobile Defence Corps 1953/1959
Oundles Training School
Officers Training Corps - Post 1991
Army Physical Training Corps 1940
Army Physical Training Corps 1991
University of Cambridge Officers Training College - Post 1971
Rochester Vols Training College
Sussex Vols Training College - 1914/1919
University of London OTC - Post 1970
Small Arms School 1929/1952
Small Arms School 1953/1958
Small Arms School - Post 1958

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