The Petvin Brothers - HM Armed Forces Service

This is the Webmasters own tribute to his own family.

Godfrey Newman Petvin (Goff) - Pioneer Corps - WW2

Charles Alfred Petvin (Fly) - Royal Air Force - WW2

Hartley Edwin Petvin (Harts) - Royal Artillery - WW2

Patrick Escourt Petvin (Pat) - Royal Air Force - 1950/53

Keith Petvin-Scudamore - Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry - 1960/62

Walwynn Arnold Petvin - During WW2 worked at Bristol Aeroplane Co Filton Bristol


Godfrey Newman Petvin - 13032270

(1917 - 2012)

Served in The Pioneers from 1940 to 1947 - Scotland, North Africa, Normandy, Belgium, Germany.

Medals:- France/Germany Star, - Africa Star 1st Army, - 1939/1945 Star, - Defence Medal, - 1939/1945 War Medal

Tunis 1943


Godfrey aged 89 in 2006


Charles (Fly) Alfred Petvin - 1834340

(1924 - 2011)

Served in the Royal Air Force from December 11th 1942 to May 5th 1947

Enlisted at RAF West Kirby - RAF Padgate - RAF Morecambe - RAF Locking Radio School - Then posted to NWAAF (North West Africa Air Force) - 219 Squadron - 36 Squadron - Demobbed from RAF Kirkham.

He was a Fitter Mechanic Engineer and worked on Beaufighters, Hurricanes, Hercules 6, Merlin 20.

Medals:- 1939/1945 Star, - Defence Medal, - 1939/1945 War Medal





Army No: 902211: Gunner Hartley Edwin Petvin

(1921 - 1975)

Served in The Royal Artillery: Enlisted at Shepton mallet 28 April 1939 to 27 May 1946

171st Heavy. A.A. BATTERY R.A
North Africa, Italy.

Medals:- Africa Star 8th Army, - Italy, - 1939/1945 Star, - Defence Medal, - 1939/1945 War Medal - Territorial Medal

Aged 18



Patrick Escourt Petvin - 3130882

(1931 - 1993)

(Pat) - Served in the Royal Air Force from December 11th 1950 to January 3rd 1953

National Service - RAF Padgate - After training he worked as an Admin Orderly at RAF Hospital Ely - RAF Wythall - RAF Detling - Bisley Camp Brookwood - He was demobbed from RAF Kirkham.



23801729: Pte. Keith Petvin-Scudamore

(1938 - )

Keith Petvin-Scudamore - Served in The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry from 1960 to 1962 - National Service - UK, - Durham, Germany, Plymouth, Gibraltar.

He trained as a Light Infantry man at Brancepeth Camp which was at that time the Depot of The Durham Light Infantry, then on completion was posted to The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry which was based in Osnabruck Germany. During that period he served in Charlie Company and did a Signalling Course. He was then posted to the Quartermaster's department as the QM's Clerk.

In 1961 the regiment moved to Plymouth Seaton Barracks and after 6 weeks moved again to Gibraltar. The regiment was split between South Barracks and Europa Barracks. On completion of his NS Service he flew back to UK and was demobbed from the Light Infantry Depot at Pontefract.


Gibraltar 1962

Gibraltar 1962




Walwyn Arnold Petvin

(1914 - 2003)

Walwyn was born in 1914 he was the oldest brother, he worked in "Service" for many years and later during WW2 he was drafted into engineering at Bristol Aeroplane Company at Filton and Rolls Royce (Engines) Derby. He worked on the assembly line for Blenheim and Beaufort Bombers and later the Shoe industry at Leicester.