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The 15/19th The King's Royal Hussars.








1922: 15/19th Hussars formed by amalgamation of 15th The King's Hussars and 19th Royal Hussars (Queen Alexandra's Own)

1932: 15th The King's Royal Hussars

1933: 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars

1939: transferred to Royal Armoured Corps

1940: cadre detatched to form 23rd Hussars

1992: amalgamated with 13th18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own) to form The Light Dragoons.


1922.04.11 15th/19th Hussars
formed in Egypt by amalgamation of 15th The King's Hussars, and 19th Royal Hussars (Queen Alexandra's Own)
1922.04 Egypt
1928 India: Risalpur
1930 NW Frontier
1932.10 15th The King's Royal Hussars
1933 England: Shorncliffe
1933.12 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars
1935 Tidworth 2 Cav Bde
1937 York
1939? mechanised
1939.09 France & Belgium recce regt, 3 Inf Div, BEF
1940.03 France & Belgium 2 Armd Recce Bde, BEF
1940.06 UK 3 Motor MG Bde
1940.12 UK 28 Armd Bde, 9 Armd Div
1944.06 NW Europe 28 Armd Bde, 9 Armd Div
1944.08 NW Europe recce regt, 11 Armd Div
1945.05 Germany
1947 Sudan & Eritrea
1949.10 Germany: Hohne? Divisional recce regt
1954.08 Malaya Malay Cmd [one sqn - 28 CW Bde]
1957.06 Northern Ireland: Omagh
1959 England: Barnard Castle (Co Durham) as RAC Training Regiment - A and B Squadrons were stationed at Deerbolt Camp, while C Squadron was stationed at Streatlam camp near Staindrop.
1961 Germany: 11 Bde - The regiment then moved (with its armoured cars) to Swinton Barracks in Munster where they inititially served with the 1st British Corps as one of three armoured recconaisance regiments. Following the converstion to Centurions, the regiment remained in the same barracks and came under command of the 6th Infantry Brigade.
1964.03 Minden? 6 Bde
1967 [Sqn -Libya]
1968 UK 6 Bde?
1969.11 Germany: Fallingbostel 11 Armd Bde
1974.11 Northern Ireland: Omagh
1976.05 England: Tidworth 5 Inf Bde (recce)
1978.01 Tidworth 8 Field Force (recce) [first Scorpion regiment]
1979.05 Germany: Paderborn 3 Armd Div (recce)
1981.01 Paderborn 6 Armd Bde
1984 England: Bovington RAC Centre Regt
1986.01 Detmold
1988.03 Detmold (Chieftain Mk 5, Mk 10 Stllbrew, Mk 11 TOG

1992.12.01 amalgamated with 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own), to form
The Light Dragoons



Fenham Barracks, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Battle Honours World War 2

Withdrawal to Escaut, Seine, Hechel, Nederrijn, Venraij, Rhineland, Hochwald, Rhine, Ibbenburen, Aller North West Europe.

Victoria Cross - Iain Stewart site


(Light Dragoons Regimental Site)

Army Museum Ogilby Trust (15th/19th King's Royal Hussars)

Read "The Last Hussar" by Gerard Walton


With thanks to: Les Beard

Retired Sgt, 15/19KRH

Served 1972 - 1992




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