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This is not a military historical site, there are other sites which cater for that, some are listed in the Links page on this site. The site started as a Light Infantry site, this was because Darth (Dave Pruett and I served in the Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry, we then added the National Service section. This section encourages NS men to write in with their stories, and recently added Regular Servicemen's stories due to the interest generated.

We then expanded the whole site to encompass the three services covering units since WW2 to present day. Very recently I have further added material which shows weapons/aircraft etc which are coming through, this I feel is interesting to show us all where our money is spent and it may encourage young men to serve in the forces as a worthwhile career.

You are encouraged to write in to Webmaster with any comments or stories on your experiences, please write in with your memories and register your details so that others may see old service pals. You are invited to submit articles for submission to the site, all will be considered but the webmaster reserves the right to edit or reject as he sees fit. The articles can be a tribute or memory lane type, they will all be treated with respect.


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Victoria Cross reference is provided by -
Created by Iain Stewart
(The History of the Victoria Cross)
The Victoria Cross is the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

A great deal of regimental information on regiment pages has been provided by:





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