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To obtain Service Records you will need the information/addresses/E mail on these sites

Army/Navy/RAF Service Records



Commonwealth War Graves Commission -Honour Register

British Light Infantry Regiments - (The County Regiments)

Army Museums Ogilby Trust

The National Army Museum - Chelsea

The Tank Museum - Bovington

Musée de Pegasus Bridge

Normandy-Pegasus Bridge & Cafe Gondree


Fallen Heroes of Normandy

Campaigns of WW2


Award Productions (National Service Medal)

Hill 112 Normandy

Korea Veterans Association of Canada

HMS Hood Association (Official Website)

Gordon Smiths - Naval History Site

Royal Air Force History


The RAF National Service Years - NS (RAF) Association.


The Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry - 1959 - 1968


The Garden in Palace Barracks remembers some of those who have lost their lives in Northern Ireland, The Falkland Islands, Kuwait, August 1990 - July 1991, Iraq 2003 and the United Kingdom.













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