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Army Air Corps

The Glider Pilot Regiment/The Glider Pilot and Parachute Corps








1941.12.21 The Glider Pilot Regiment
1942.02 part of Army Air Corps
1949.08 independent corps
1950.05.13 part of The Glider Pilot and Parachute Corps
1957.09.01 disbanded (personnel to reorganised Army Air Corps)

Battle Honours

The Second World War: Normandy Landing, Pegasus Bridge, Merville Battery, Arnhem 1944, Rhine, Southern France, North-West Europe 1944-45, Landing in Sicily, Sicily 1943

Falkland Islands 19821, Wadi al Batin, Gulf 1991, Al Basrah, Iraq 2003
1. belatedly awarded 19 Oct. 1993.

Airborne Forces Museum, Aldershot (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)

Glider Regiment 'Flight to Pegasus' by Jim Wallwork DFM.

6th Airborne 'The Action at Pegasus Bridge' by Harry 'Nobby' Clark

6th Airborne "A Time to be Born, A Time to Live and a Time to Die" by Denis Edwards


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