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3rd Carabiniers








1922: 3rd/6th Dragoon Guards formed by amalgamation of 3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales), and 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers).

1928: 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wale's Dragoon Guards)

1939: Transferred to Royal Armoured Corps.

1941: Cadre detached to form 25th Dragoons

1971: amalgamated with The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons) to form The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys).

Battle Honours

[combined battle honours of 3rd Dragoon Guards, and 6th Dragoon Guards, with the following emblazoned:1]
Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde, Malplaquet, Warburg, Beaumont, Willems, Talavera, Albuhera, Vittoria, Peninsula, Sevastopol, Delhi 1857, Abyssinia, Afghanistan 1879-80, Relief of Kimberley, Paardeberg, South Africa 1899-1902

The Great War: Retreat from Mons, Marne 1914, Aisne 1914, Messines 1914, Ypres 1914 '15, Arras 1917, Cambrai 1917 '18, Amiens, Hindenburg Line, France and Flanders 1914-18


The Second World War: Imphal, Tamu Road, Nunshigum, Bishenpur, Kanglatongbi, Kennedy Peak, Shwebo, Sagaing, Mandalay, Ava, Irrawaddy, Yenangyaung 1945, Burma 1944-45

1. combined list first issued ca. 1935.


Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Museum, Edinburgh (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)


1922.10.24 3rd/6th Dragoon Guards
formed by amalgamation of 3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales's), and 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)
1922.10 India: Sialkot
1925 England: Colchester
1927 Tidworth
1928.12 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards)
1929 Canterbury
1930 Colchester 4 Div
1932 Aldershot
1935 Hounslow mounted inf, 2 Div
1936.10 India: Sialkot
1938.01.01 mechanised (completed Jan. 1939)
1940.09 India 2 Ind Armd Bde
India 251 Ind Armd Bde
1943.12 India 254 Ind Tank Bde
1944.06 Burma
1946 UK
1948 England: Perham Down [TA]
1952.04 Germany: Osnabrück
1957.03 Osnabrück 21 Bde
1958.04 Osnabrück 12 Bde
1959.05 England: Catterick
1960.07 Tidworth (Aliwal Barracks) recce
1961 Sharjah (? Sqn)
Aden (C Sqn)
1961 Kuwait
1961 England: Tidworth
1962.07 Germany: Detmold 20 Armd Bde
1967.11 England: Chester
1969.09 Germany: Münster recce
1970.06 Herford recce
1971.07.02 amalgamated at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh,with The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons), to form The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys)




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