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The Queen's Own Hussars



Formed in 1958 by amalgamation of 3rd The Kings Own Hussars and 7th Queens Own Hussars.

In 1993 amalgamated with The Queens Royal Irish Hussars to form

The Queens Royal Hussars (The Queens Own and Royal Irish)


1958.11.03 The Queen's Own Hussars
formed at Tidworth by amalgamation of 3rd The King's Own Hussars, and 7th Queen's Own Hussars
1958 England: Tidworth
1960.07 Germany: Münster 6 Bde, 2 Div
1967.08 England: Catterick
A Sqn/ Berlin, & temp Aden (July-Oct. 1967),
sqns HK, Malaysia & Cyprus
1970.06 Germany: Hohne BAOR
1973.06 (Northern Ireland)
1973.11 Germany: Hohne BAOR
1974.11 England: Bovington
1976.05 Germany: Detmold BAOR
1977.05 (Northern Ireland)
1977.09 Germany: Detmold BAOR
1979.06 (Northern Ireland)
1979.10 Germany: Detmold BAOR
1983 Catterick RAC Training Regt
1985.01 Germany: Hohne 22 Bde, BAOR
1989 seventh and last regt to convert to Challenger tanks
1993.09.02 amalgamated at Fallingbostel with The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars, to form The Queen's Royal Hussars (Queen's Own and Royal Irish)


The Queen's Own Hussars Regimental Museum (Ogilby Trust)



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