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Royal Regiment of Artillery








1716.05.26 two permanent companies of artillery formed at Woolwich

1722.04.01 Royal Regiment of Artillery
original coys regimented with Gibraltar and Minorca coys
1793.02.01 two troops Royal Horse Artillery raised for support of cavalry as part of Royal Regiment of Artillery

1794.03.07 Corps of Captains Commissaries and Drivers
1801.04.01 absorbed Royal Irish Artillery Corps of Gunner Drivers
1806 Royal Artillery Drivers
1822 disbanded
1858.07.03 absorbed 48 batteries from Honourable East India Company
1899.06.01 split into two branches:
Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery (while preserving separate identity of Royal Horse Artillery)
Royal Garrison Artillery

1924.06.01 Royal Regiment of Artillery
branches reunited under one name
1942.02.24 Air Observation squadrons placed under control of Army Air Corps


Badges: A Gun between two scrolls, that above inscribed UBIQUE, that beneath inscribed QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT; the whole ensigned with The Crown.
Badges, Crests and Cyphers, by Robert Maxwell

Uniform: blue; facings: scarlet
tartan: Hunting Robertson (19 Regt pipers' kilts & plaids); Montgomery (40 Regt pipers' kilts & plaids)



Firepower: Museum of the Royal Artillery, Woolwich (Army Museums Ogilby Trust).


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