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The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)








Ranked as 1st Regiment of Foot.

RHQ and Depot: The Castle Edinburgh

Regulars: 1st Battalion 1625 to present

2nd Battalion 1686 - 1949

3rd Battalion 1804 - 1817

4th Battalion 1804 - 1816

1625.03.28 John Hepburn's Regiment
1627 entered Danish service
1630 entered Swedish service, formed with Mackay's Highlanders (raised 1626), Stargate's Corps, and Lumsden's Musketeers, the Green or Scots Brigade
1633 remnants of Green Brigade merged into Hepburn's Regt
1633.01.26 Royal Regiment of Foot
placed on Scottish establishment for King Charles I's Scottish coronation
1635 Régiment de Hebron [Hepburn]
entered French service
1637 Régiment de Douglas
1655.10.21 Régiment de Dumbarton
1662 transferred to English service; ranked as 1st regiment of foot
1662 returned to French service
1667 returned to English service for Dutch war
1667 returned to French service
1678 returned to English Establishment
1684.05.01 His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Foot
also known until 1751 by the names of colonels
1747 ranked as 1st Foot
1751.07.01 1st (Royal) Regiment of Foot
1812.02.11 1st Regiment of Foot (Royal Scots)
1821.08.29 1st, or The Royal Regiment of Foot
1871.12.15 1st, or The Royal Scots Regiment
1881.07.01 The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)
reorganised as the county regiment of Edinburgh (Midlothian), Haddingtonshire (East Lothian), Linlithgow (West Lothian), and Berwickshire, encompassing also its Militia and infantry volunteers [see below]
1887.05.01 Berwickshire transferred to King's Own Scottish Borderers district
1921.01.01 The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
2006.03.28 united with The Royal Highland Fusiliers, The King's Own Scottish Borderers, The Black Watch, The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons), and The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, to form The Royal Regiment of Scotland

Battle Honours WW1

Mons, Marne, Aisne, La Bassee, Neuve Chapelle, Ypres, Gravenstafel, St Julien, Frezenberg, Bellewarde, Festubert, Loos, Somme, Albert, Bazentin, Poziers, Flers Courcelette, Le Transloy, Ancre Heights, Ancre, Arras, Scarpe, Arleux, Pilckem, Langemarck, Menin Road, Polygon Wood, Poelcappelle, Passchendale, Cambrai, St Quentin, Rosieres, Lys, Estaires, Messines, Hazebrouck, Bailleul, Kemmel, Bethune, Soissonnais Ourcq, Tardenois, Amiens, Bapaume, Drocourt-Queant, Hindenberg Line, Canal du Nord, St Quentin Canal, Beaurevoir, Courtrai, Selle, Sambre, France & Flanders, Struma, Macedonia, Helles, Krithia, Suvla, Scimitar Hill, Gallipoli, Rumani, Egypt, Gaza, El Mughar, Nebi Samwil, Palestine, Archangel.

Battle Honours WW2

Defence of Escaut, St Omer La Bassee, Odon, Cheux, Defence of Rauray, Caen, Esquay, Mont Pincon, Aart, Nederrijn, Best, Scheldt, Flushing, Meijel, Venlo Pocket, Roer, Rhineland, Reichswald, Cleve, Goch, Rhine, Uelzen, Bremen, Artlenberg, North West Europe, Gothic Line, Marradi, Monte Gamberaldi, Italy, South East Asia, Donbaik, Kohima, Aradura, Shwebo, Mandalay, Burma.

Gulf 1991

Wadi Al Batin.


Royal Scots Regimental Museum, Edinburgh (Army site)


1st Battalion

1881.07.01 1st Battalion, The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)
1882 Malta (4 coys); West Indies (4 coys)
1884 West Indies
1884 Egypt
1884 South Africa
1884 Bechuanaland
1885 South Africa
1891 England: York
1893 Gravesend
1895 Scotland: Edinburgh
1896 Ireland: Curragh or Fermoy
1899.11 South Africa 3 Inf Bde
<1904> England: Aldershot
<1909> Shorncliffe
<1912> India: Allahabad
1914.12 France and Flanders 27 Div
1915.12 Macedonia
1919 Black Sea
1920 UK
1920 Burma: Rangoon
1921.01.01 1st Battalion, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
<1922.01> India: Secunderabad
1925 Aden
1926 Scotland
<1929.01> England: Aldershot 2 Bde
<1933.01> England: Dover 12 Bde
1937 Palestine
1938.01 converted to MG battalion
1938.01 Palestine 5 Div
1938 England: Aldershot 4 Bde
1939.09 France & Belgium 2 Inf Div, BEF
1940.06 UK
1942.06 India & Burma
1946 Singapore & Burma
1947 India
1947 Scotland: Edinburgh
1951.02 Germany: Münster
1952.02 Berlin
1953.03 ?
1953.07 Korea 29 Inf Bde Gp
1954.11 Egypt
1955.09 Cyprus
1956.02 England: Colchester 19 Inf Bde
1958.01 Berlin
1960.01 Scotland: Edinburgh?
1960.12 Libya
1963.04 England: Tidworth 39 Bde
? England: Tidworth 5 Bde
1964.06 (Aden)
1965.03 England: Tidworth 5 Bde
1966.10 Germany: Osnabrück
1970.01 England: Tidworth ACE MF(L)
1970.03 (Northern Ireland)
1970.07 England: Tidworth ACE MF(L)
1971.05 (Northern Ireland)
1971.07 England: Tidworth ACE MF(L)
1971.10 (Northern Ireland)
1971.12 England: Tidworth ACE MF(L)
1972.06 (Northern Ireland)
1972.08 England: Tidworth ACE MF(L)
1974.05 Cyprus
1976.06 Germany: Münster 12 Mech Bde
1977.01 Münster 2 Armd Div
1979.04 Scotand: Edinburgh
1980.02 (Northern Ireland)
1980.05 Scotland: Edinburgh
1981.03 Northern Ireland: Ballykinlar 39 Inf Bde
1983.03 Scotland: Edinburgh
1985.03 Germany: Werl 33 Armd Bde
1990.10 [Persian Gulf]
1991.04 Germany: Werl 33 Armd Bde
1991.08 Scotland: Fort George
1992.02 (Northern Ireland)
1993.05 Fort George
1994 B Coy attached ("Gurkha Reinforcement Company")
1996.07 England: Colchester 24 Airmobile Bde
1998.07.03 (Bosnia) (only Gurkha coy?)
1999.10.16 Colchester 24 Airmobile Bde
2000.08 Northern Ireland: Ballykelly 8 Inf Bde
2001? B Coy transferred to 1st Bn, The Highlanders; new B Coy formed
2002.02 Scotland: Edinburgh (Dreghorn Barracks)
2002.09 (Bosnia)
2003.03 Scotland: Edinburgh (Dreghorn Barracks)
2003.07 Colours presented by HRH The Princess Royal at Dreghorn Barracks
2003.11 (Iraq) (A, C, R Coys) 20 Armd Bde
2004.04 Scotland: Edinburgh (Dreghorn Barracks)
2006.01 (Iraq) Op Telic 7
2006.03.28 The Royal Scots Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland
2006.05 Scotland: Edinburgh (Dreghorn Barracks) 52 Bde
2006.08.01 amalgamated with The King's Own Scottish Borderers Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, to form The Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland

2nd Battalion

1881.07.01 2nd Battalion, The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)
1884 Scotland: Edinburgh
1887 England: Aldershot
1890 Malta
1891 India
1893 Madras
1897 Burma: Mandalay
1899 India: Poona
<1904> Kemptee
<1909> Bombay
<1912> England: Plymouth 8 Bde
1914.08.14 France and Flanders 3 Div
1920.07 Ireland: Ennis
1921.01.01 2nd Battalion, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)
1923 England: Colchester 11 Bde
1926 Egypt
1929 China
1931 India: Baluchistan
<1935> Lahore
1938.01.27 Hong Kong
1939.09 Hong Kong
1941.12.08 Hong Kong Kowloon Bde
1941.12.25 captured by the Japanese at Hong Kong
1942.05 re-formed in Scotland by redesignation of 12th Battalion
1942.05 Orkneys
1943.04 Gibraltar
1944.06 Italy 1 Inf Div
1945.02 Palestine
1945.08 Palestine
1948 Scotland: Edinburgh
1949.02 disbanded in Scotland



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