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The Special Air Service (SAS)








A special note
Britain's Special Air Service is without doubt the world's premier fighting force. The regiment is home to the most highly trained and deadly soldiers ever to do battle and their reputation is that of ruthless efficiency, whether operating deep behind enemy lines in a desert or jungle conflict, or tackling terrorism head on, the proffessionlism and dedication of the SAS is legendary. (courtesy of: caviga2)

1941: No: 62 Commando
formed at Kabrit, Egypt, including some personnel of No. 7 Commando. Operated as "L Detachment, Special Air Service Brigade" (the detachment consisting of 66 men, and the brigade being a non-existent higher formation for enemy deception)
1941.09 No. 1 Small Scale Raiding Force
1942.10 1st Special Air Service
1943-45 2nd-5th SAS formed
1944.04.01 Special Air Service Regiment
formed to encompass existing SAS units, and joined Army Air Corps
1946.06.30 disbanded
1947.07.01 Special Air Service Regiment
re-formed in Army Air Corps, consisting solely of a T.A. regiment:
21st Battalion, Special Air Service Regiment (Artists Rifles)

1949.08 independent corps (separated from Army Air Corps)
1950 Z Sqn mobilised as The Malayan Scouts for Malayan Emergency
1950.05.13 SAS constituted a corps for purposes of the Army Act (i.e. able to raise multiple units)
1952 reorganised as two units:
21st Special Air Service Regiment (Artists Rifles) [T.A.]
22nd Special Air Service Regiment, formed by absorption of Malayan Scouts absorbed into Regular Army, the only instance of a T.A. unit giving birth to a Regular unit

1959 second regiment formed in T.A.:
21st Special Air Service Regiment (Artists Rifles) [T.A.]
22nd Special Air Service Regiment
23rd Special Air Service Regiment [T.A.], newly raised

1967.04.01 R Squadron, Special Air Service Regiment (V) formed as TAVR I unit at Hereford, consisting of specially selected men from 21st SAS Regiment and 23rd SAS Regiment and attached to the regular 22nd SAS Regiment; redesignated later as L Detachment; 21st SAS and 23rd SAS tansferred to TAVR II


The SAS 1941 to Desert War

Special Air Service Regiment (Special Operations Com)

Battle Honours WW2
The Second World War: North-West Europe 1944-45, Benghazi Raid, Tobruk 1941, North Africa 1940-43, Landing in Sicily, Sicily 1943, Termoli, Valli di Commacchio, Italy 1943-45, Greece 1944-45, Adriatic, Middle East 1943-44

Falkland Islands 1982, Western Iraq, Gulf 1991, Western Iraq 2003

Roll of Honour, 22nd Special Air Service (Allied Special Forces Assocation)




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