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Regiments and Corps of British Army







This list is correct with the founding of these units but the end date is not correct for some in the list

Adjutant General's Corps 1992-present
Anglesey Militia 1762-1953
Argyle Militia
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's) [91st, 93rd] 1881-present
Army Air Corps 1942-1949
Army Air Corps 1957-present
Army Apprentices College, Arborfield [REME]
Army Apprentices College, Chepstow [RE] 1924-1994
Army Apprentices College, Harrogate [RSigs]
Army Cadet Force 1942-present
Army Catering Corps 1941-1993
Army Chaplains' Department 1796-1919
Army Commandos 1940-1946
Army Cyclist Corps 1914-1919
Army Dental Corps 1921-1946
Army Educational Corps 1920-1946
Army Hospital Corps 1855-1884
Army Legal Corps 1978-1992
Army Medical Staff Corps 1884-1898
Army Nursing Service 1881-1902
Army Pay Department 1878-1920
Army Pay Corps 1893-1920
Army Physical Training Corps 1860-present
Army Postal Corps 1882-1908
Army School of Education
Army Service Corps 1869-1918
Army Works Corps 1855-1856?
The Artists' Rifles 1860-present
Atholl Highlanders 1839-present
Auxiliary Territorial Service 1938-1949
The Ayrshire Yeomanry (Earl of Carrick's Own) 1794-present
Bank of England Volunteers 1798-1814
The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment [16th] 1881-1958
Bedfordshire Yeomanry 1901-1961
Bedfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1797-1827
The Berkshire and Westminster Dragoons 1961-1984
The Berkshire Yeomanry (Hungerford) 1794-present
Berwickshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1797-1827
The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) [42nd, 73rd] 1881-present
The Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons) 1969-1992
The Border Regiment [34th, 55th] 1881-1959
The British West Indies Regiment 1915-1921
Buckinghamshire Yeomanry (Royal Bucks Hussars) 1794-present
The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) [3rd] 1572-1961
The Cambridgeshire Regiment 1860-1999
The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) [26th, 90th] 1881-1968
Carlow Militia
The Cheshire Regiment [22nd] 1688-present
The Cheshire Yeomanry (Earl of Chester's) 1797-present
City Imperial Volunteers
The City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders) 1900-1961
Clackmannan and Kinross Yeomanry Cavalry 1818
Coldstream Guards 1650-present
see Army Commandos, Royal Marines, Royal Naval Commandos
Commissariat Department
The Connaught Rangers [88th, 94th] 1881-1922
Cornwall Yeomanry Cavalry 1794-1838
Corps of Army Schoolmasters 1846-1920
Corps of Military Accountants 1919-1925
Corps of Army Music 1994-present
The Corps of Riflemen 1800-1802
Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 1942-present
Corps of Royal Engineers 1716-present
Corps of Royal Military Artificers 1788-1812
Corps of Royal Military Police 1855-1992
Corps of Royal Sappers and Miners 1812-1856
Denbighshire Hussars 1795-1999
The Derbyshire Yeomanry 1794-1957
Devon Yeomanry 1920-present
The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment 1958-present
The Devonshire Regiment [11th] 1685-1958
The Dorset Yeomanry 1794-present
The Dorsetshire Regiment [39th, 54th] 1881-1958
The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry [32nd, 46th] 1881-1959
The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire) 1959-1994
The Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry 1798-1992
The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding) [33rd, 76th] 1881-present
Dumbartonshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1803-1828?
Dumfriesshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1798-1828?
The Durham Light Infantry [68th, 106th] 1881-1968
Durham Yeomanry Cavalry [not regimented] 1798-1828?
The East and West Riding Regiment 1999-present
The East Lancashire Regiment [30th, 59th] 1881-1958
East Lothian Yeomanry Cavalry 1797-1892
The East of England Regiment 1999-present
The East Riding Yeomanry 1794-1956
East Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry 1794-1828
The East Surrey Regiment [31st, 70th] 1881-1959
The East Yorkshire Regiment (The Duke of York's Own) [15th] 1685-1958
The Essex and Suffolk Cyclist Battalion 1908-1911
The Essex Regiment [44th, 56th] 1881-1958
The Essex Yeomanry 1797-present
The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry 1860-1956
The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry/Scottish Horse 1956-present
Fife Yeomanry Cavalry 1797-1838
First Aid Nursing Yeomanry 1907-present
Flintshire, and Denbighshire Yeomanry 1795-1999
Flintshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1831-1838
Forage Corps 1915-1919?
Forfarshire Yeomanry 1846-1862
Fraser's Highlanders 1757-1783
Fusilier Volunteers 1967-1968
General Service Corps
Glamorgan Yeomanry 1901-present
Glamorgan Yeomanry Cavalry 1797-1831
The Glasgow Highlanders 1868-1973
The Glider Pilot and Parachute Corps 1950-1957
The Glider Pilot Regiment 1941-1957
The Gloucestershire Regiment [28th, 61st] 1881-1994
The Gordon Highlanders [75th, 92nd] 1881-1994
The Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own YorkshireRegiment) [19th] 1688-present
Grenadier Guards 1656-present
Guernsey Militia 12??-1953
Gurkha Army Service Corps
Gurkha Engineers
Gurkha Military Police
Gurkha Signals
Hampshire Yeomanry (Carabiniers) 1794-present
The Herefordshire Light Infantry 1860-1999
Herefordshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1803-1828?
Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Yeomanry 1961-present
The Hertfordshire Regiment 1859-1999
Hertfordshire Yeomanry 1794-1961
The Highland Cyclist Battalion 1908-1919
The Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment) [71st, 74th] 1881-1959
The Highland Regiment 1942-1949
The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons) 1994-present
Honourable Artillery Company 1537-present
Horse Guards 1661-1788
Horse Grenadier Guards 1661-1788
Household Battalion 1916-1918
Household Cavalry Composite Regiment 1882, 1889,
Household Cavalry Regiment 1939-1945
Household Cavalry Regiment 1992-present
The Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion 1914-1919
Huntingdonshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1794-1828?
Imperial Camel Corps
Imperial Yeomanry 1899-1902
The Inns of Court Regiment 1584-1961
The Inns of Court and City Yeomanry 1961-present
Intelligence Corps 1914-present
Irish Guards 1900-present
Jersey Militia 1337-present
Joint Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Regiment 1999-present
Kent and County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) 1961-1973
Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry 1973-pesent
The Kent Cyclist Battalion 1908-1920
Kent Yeomanry 1920-1961
King Edward's Horse (The King's Oversea Dominions Regiment) 1910-1924
The King's American Regiment 1782-1783
The King's and Cheshire Regiment 1999-present
The King's Colonials 1901-1910
The King's Own Royal Border Regiment 1959-present
The King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) [4th] 1680-1959
The King's Own Scottish Borderers [25th] 1689-present
The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry [51st, 105th] 1881-1968
The King's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry (Light Infantry) 1992-1999
The King's Regiment (Liverpool) [8th] 1685-1958
The King's Regiment 1958-present
The King's Royal Hussars 1992-present
The King's Royal Rifle Corps [60th] 1755-1966
The King's Shropshire Light Infantry [53rd, 85th]

Kircudbright Yeomanry Cavalry 1803-1836
Labour Corps 1915-1920
Lanarkshire Yeomanry 1819-1956
The Lancashire Fusiliers [20th] 1688-1968
Lancashire Hussars Yeomanry 1798-1969
The Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) 1958-1970
The Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers
Lancastrian Volunteers

Land Transport Corps 1855-1860
Leeds Rifles 1859-present
Legion of Frontiersmen
The Leicestershire and Derbyshire (Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry 1957-present
The Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert's Own) 1794-1957
The Life Guards 1922-1992
The Light Dragoons 1992-present
The Light Infantry 1968-present
The Light Infantry and Mercian Volunteers 1971-1975
Light Infantry Volunteers 1967-1972
Lincolnshire Yeomanry 1901-1920
Linlithgow Yeomanry Cavalry 1870?-1892
The Liverpool Scottish 1900-present
The London Irish Rifles 1860-present
The London Regiment 1908-1938
The London Regiment 1993-present
London Rifle Brigade 1859-1950
London Rifle Brigade / Rangers 1950-1966
The London Scottish 1859-present
Long Range Desert Group 1940-1945
The Lothians and Border Horse Yeomanry 1892-1956
The Earl of Loudoun's Regiment of Foot 1745-1748
The Lovat Scouts 1900-present
The Lowland Regiment 1942-1949
The Lowland Volunteers 1995-1999
Loyal London Volunteer Cavalry 1798-1814
The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) [47th, 81st] 1881-1970
McDonnell's Highlanders 1777-1783
Machine Gun Corps 1915-1922
Machine Gun Guards 1917-1920
The Manchester Regiment [63rd, 96th] 1881-1958
Manx Yeomanry Cavalry 1796-1828?
Mercian Volunteers 1967-1988
The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) [57th, 77th] 1881-1966
Middlesex Yeomanry (Duke of Cambridge's Own Hussars) 1797-present
Military Provost Staff Corps 1901-1992
Mobile Defence Corps 1955-1959
Monmouthshire Militia 1539-present
The Monmouthshire Regiment 1860-1971
Monmouthshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1798-1828?
Mons Officer Cadet School, Aldershot
Montgomery's Highlanders 1757-1763
Montgomeryshire Yeomanry 1803-1920
Mounted Infantry
National Defence Companies 1936-1943
New South Wales Corps 1789-1808
Norfolk Yeomanry (The King's Own Royal Regiment) 1782-1961
North Cork Rifles 1793-1908
North Irish Horse 1900-present
North Irish Militia 1967-1978
North Lincoln Regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry 1794-1846
North Salopian Yeomanry Cavalry 1795-1872
The North Somerset and Bristol Yeomanry 1956-1969
The North Somerset Yeomanry 1798-1956
The North Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's) [64th, 98th] 1881-1959
The Northamptonshire Regiment [48th, 58th] 1881-1960
The Northamptonshire Yeomanry 1794-1971
Northern Bucks Yeomanry Cavalry 1803-1828
The Northern Cyclist Battalion 1908-1919
The Northumberland Hussars 1797-present
The Northumbrian Volunteers 1971-1975
Nottinghamshire Yeomanry 1794-1951
The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry [43rd, 52nd]

Oxfordshire Yeomanry (Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars) 1798-present
The Parachute Corps 1940-1942
The Parachute Corps 1967-1968
The Parachute Regiment 1940-present
Peebleshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1803-1827
The Pembroke Yeomanry (Castlemartin) 1794-present
Perthshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1798-1828
Popski's Private Army 1942-1945
The Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians) [100th, 109th] 1881-1922
The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire 1958-present
Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment 1859-present
The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshires) 1992-present
Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service 1902-1949
Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps 1949-present
Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps 1917-1919
Queen Victoria's Rifles 1803-1961
The Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards) 1685-1959
The Queen's Gurkha Engineers 1948-present
Queen's Gurkha Signals 1948-present
The Queen's Lancashire Regiment 1970-present
The Queen's Own Buffs, The Royal Kent Regiment 1961-1966
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders [79th] 1793-1961
The Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry 1794-present
The Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment 2001-present
The Queen's Own Gurkha Transport Regiment 1958-2001
Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons) 1961-1994
The Queen's Own Hussars 1958-1993
The Queen's Own Lowland Yeomanry 1956-1999
The Queen's Own Mercian Yeomanry 1971-1992
The Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars 1798-present
The Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry 1797-1956
The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment [50th, 97th] 1881-1961
The Queen's Own Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry 1956-1999
The Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars 1794-1956
The Queen's Own Yeomanry 1971-present
The Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons 1794-1956
The Queen's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry 1956-present
The Queen's Regiment 1966-1992
The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish) 1993-present
The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars 1958-1993
The Queen's Royal Lancers 1993-present
The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) [2nd] 1661-1959
The Queen's Royal Rifles 1961-1967
The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment 1959-1966
Queen Victoria's Rifles 1803-1961
The Queen's Westminsters 1860-1961
Raiding Support Regiment 1943-1945
The Rangers 1860-1950
Reconnaissance Corps 1940-1946
Renfrewshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1795-1839
The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) [95th] 1800-1966
The Rifle Volunteers 1999-present
Roxburghshire Gentlemen and Yeomanry Cavalry 1797-1828
Royal Air Force Armoured Car Companies 1922-present
Royal Air Force Regiment 1942-present
Royal Anglesey Militia 1762-1953
The Royal Anglian Regiment 1964-present
Royal Armoured Corps 1939-present
Royal Army Chaplains Department 1919-present
Royal Army Dental Corps 1946-present
Royal Army Educational Corps 1946-1992
Royal Army Medical Corps 1898-present
Royal Army Ordnance Corps 1918-1993
Royal Army Pay Corps 1920-1992
Royal Army Service Corps 1918-1965
Royal Army Veterinary Corps 1796-present
Royal Artillery 1716-present
The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) [49th, 66th] 1881-1959
The Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment 1840-1870
Royal Carmarthen Artillery [Militia]
Royal Corps of Signals 1920-present
Royal Corps of Transport 1965-1993
Royal Defence Corps 1916-1936
Royal Devon Yeomanry 1920-present
The Royal Dragoon Guards 1992-present
The Royal Dragoons (1st Dragoons) 1661-1969
The Royal Dublin Fusiliers [102nd, 103rd] 1881-1922
Royal East Devon Yeomanry Cavalry 1794-1838
The Royal East Kent Yeomanry (The Duke of Connaught's Own) (Mounted Rifles) 1794-1920
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 1942-present
Royal Engineers 1716-present
Royal Field Artillery 1899-1924
Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry 1794-1920
Royal Flying Corps 1912-1918
The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) [7th] 1685-1968
Royal Garrison Artillery 1899-1924
Royal Garrison Battalions 1795-1817
Royal Garrison Regiment 1900-1908
The Royal Gibraltar Regiment 1939-present
The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment 1994-present
The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars 1795-present
The Royal Green Jackets 1966-present
The Royal Guernsey Light Infantry 1916-1919
The Royal Guernsey Militia 12??-1953
The Royal Gurkha Rifles 1994-present
The Royal Hampshire Regiment [37th, 67th] 1881-1992
The Royal Highland Fusiliers (Princess Margaret's Own Glasgow and Ayrshire Regiment) 1959-present
Royal Horse Artillery 1793-present
Royal Horse Guards 1650-1969
Royal Hospital, Chelsea 1682-present
The Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales's Own) 1969-1992
The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers [27th, 108th] 1881-1968
Royal Irish Artillery 1755-1801
The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's) [87th, 89th] 1881-1968
The Royal Irish Rangers (27th (Inniskilling) 83rd and 87th) 1968-1992
The Royal Irish Rangers 1999-present
The Royal Irish Regiment [18th] 1684-1922
The Royal Irish Regiment (27th (Inniskilling) 83rd and 87th
and The Ulster Defence Regiment) 1992-present
The Royal Irish Rifles [83rd, 86th] 1881-1968
The Royal Leicestershire Regiment [17th] 1688-1964
The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment [10th] 1685-1960
Royal Logistic Corps 1993-present
Royal Marine Artillery 1804-1923
Royal Marine Light Infantry 1855-1923
Royal Marines 1664-present
The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry 1992-present
Royal Mid-Lothian Yeomanry Cavalry 1797-1892
Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst 1946-present
Royal Military Academy, Woolwich 1741-1946
Royal Military Artificers 1787-1812
Royal Military College, Sandhurst 1798-1946
Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham
Royal Military Police 1946-1992
Royal Military School of Music
Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 1337-present
Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) 1539-present
The Royal MünsterFusiliers [101st, 104th] 1881-1922
Royal Naval Commandos
Royal Navy
The Royal Newfoundland Regiment 1795-1816
The Royal Newfoundland Regiment 1914-1919
The Royal Norfolk Regiment [9th] 1685-1959
Royal North Devon Yeomanry 1798-1920
The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers [5th] 1674-1968
Royal Observer Corps
Royal Pioneer Corps 1939-1992
Royal Regiment of Artillery 1716-present
The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1968-present
The Royal Regiment of Wales (24th/41st Foot) 1969-present
The Royal Rifle Volunteers 1999-present
Royal Sappers and Miners 1812-1856
Royal School of Artillery, Larkhill
Royal School of Military Engineering, Chatham
The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) [1st] 1572-present
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) 1971-present
The Royal Scots Fusiliers [21st] 1678-1959
The Royal Scots Greys [2nd Dragoons] 1678-1971
Royal Signals 1920-present
Royal Staff Corps 1800-1837
The Royal Sussex Regiment [35th, 107th] 1881-1966
Royal Tank Corps 1923-1939
Royal Tank Regiment 1939-present
The Royal Ulster Rifles [83rd, 86th] 1881-1968
Royal Veterans Battalions 1802-1827
Royal Waggon Train 1794-1833
The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers [6th] 1673-1968
The Royal Welch Fusiliers [23rd] 1689-present
The Royal Welsh Regiment 1999-present
The Royal Wessex Yeomanry 1971-present
The Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (Prince of Wales's Own) 1794-present
The Royal Yeomanry 1967-present
Rutland Light Dragoons 1794-1799?
School of Army Aviation
School of Artillery, Manorbier
School of Infantry, Warminster
School of Military Survey, Newbury
Scotch Brigade 1568-1802
Scots Fusilier Guards 1831-1877
Scots Guards 1660-present
The Scottish Horse 1903-1956
The Scottish Yeomanry 1992-1999
Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) [72nd, 78th] 1881-1961
Selkirkshire Corps of Yeomanry Cavalry 1798-1828
The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) [45th, 95th] 1881-1970
The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1794-present
The Shropshire Yeomanry 1872-present
Small Arms School Corps 1854-present
The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry 1959-1968
The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) [13th] 1685-1959
The Somerset Yeomanry and Light Infantry 1967-1988
South Cork Light Infantry 1793-1922
Southern Bucks Yeomanry Cavalry 1803-1828
South Irish Horse 1900-1922
The South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) [40th, 82nd] 1881-1958
The South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry 1795-present
South Salopian Yeomanry Cavalry 1795-1872
The South Staffordshire Regiment [38th, 80th] 1881-1959
The South Wales Borderers [24th] 1689-1969
Special Air Service Regiment 1941-present
Staff College, Camberley
The Staffordshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's) 1959-present
Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry 1999-present
The Staffordshire Yeomanry (Queen's Own Royal Regiment) 1794-1999
Stirlingshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1798-1835?
Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry 1956-present
The Suffolk Regiment [12th] 1685-1959
Suffolk Yeomanry (The Duke of York's Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars) 1793-1961
Surrey Yeomanry (Queen Mary's Regiment) 1794-present
Sussex Yeomanry 1794-1999
The Tank Corps 1917-1923
Tarleton's Dragoons 1782-1783
Tower Hamlets Rifles 1860-1969
The Tyne-Tees Regiment 1999-present
The Tyneside Irish 1914-1919
The Tyneside Scottish 1914-present
Ulster Defence Regiment 1970-1992
The Warwickshire Yeomanry 1794-1956
The Welch Regiment [41st, 69th] 1881-1969
Welsh Guards 1915-present
Welsh Horse 1914-1917
Welsh Volunteers 1967-1971
The Wessex Regiment 1967-1995
The West India Regiment 1888-1927
The West India Regiment 1959-1962
West Kent Yeomanry (Queen's Own) 1794-1920
The West Midlands Regiment 1999-present
West Somerset Yeomanry 1794-1969
West York Yeomanry Cavalry 1794-1894
The West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's Own) [14th] 1685-1958
The Westminster Dragoons (2nd County of London Yeomanry) 1779-present
Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry 1819-1969
Wigtownshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1797-1835?
The Wiltshire Regiment (Duke of Edinburgh's) [62nd, 99th] 1881-1959
Women's Army Auxiliary Corps 1917-1919
Women's Land Army
Women's Legion 1915-1917
Women's Royal Army Corps 1949-1992
Women's Royal Voluntary Service
Women's Transport Service 1933-1939
The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment (29th/45th Foot) 1970-present
The Worcestershire Regiment [29th, 36th] 1881-1970
The York and Lancaster Regiment [65th, 84th] 1881-1968
York North Riding Yeomanry Cavalry 1794-1838
The Yorkshire Hussars Yeomanry (Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own) 1794-1956
Yorkshire Volunteers 1967-1993













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