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On 16 January 1936, a standard frame for unit badges for the RAF was devised, with the King's Crown above and a Scroll beneath. Squadrons and other units were able to submit specimens to an Inspector of Royal Air Force Badges. Several were approved within the next few months, and these were published in 1936 and 1937.

No 2 Army Sqdn--------------No 4 Army Sqdn---------------No 12 Bomber Sqdn

No 15 Bomber Sqdn------------No 18 Bomber Sqdn----------No 22 Torpedo Sqdn

No 33 Bomber Sqdn----------No 40 Bomber Sqdn----------No 41 Fighter Sqdn

No 201 Flying Boat Sqdn----No 203 Flying Boat Sqdn-----No 230 Flying Boat Sqdn

No 604 Middlesex Sqdn-------No 207 Bomber Sqdn-------No 74 Fighter Sqdn

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